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Quad M Solutions and EdLogics Form Partnership to Engage & Empower Employees and Create Innovative Health Insurance Offerings

Thursday, 23 July 2020 08:30

Quad M Solutions, Inc.

EDGEWATER, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2020 / Quad M Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK:MMMM) ("Quad M"), a public holding company that offers staffing services and employee benefits such as health plans, human resources (HR), and payroll services to small and mid-sized group employers, is pleased to announce a partnership with EdLogics, a digital health education and communications company focused on educating and helping consumers make better healthcare decisions. This partnership will increase business opportunities and add incremental revenue for both companies.

Quad M Solutions, Inc. , Thursday, July 23, 2020, Press release picture

Quad M Solutions, Inc. , Thursday, July 23, 2020, Press release picture

Quad M Solutions and EdLogics are dedicated to transforming the way small and mid-size businesses offer employee benefits and assist their covered lives in navigating an often complex healthcare system. The integration of both company's offerings provides a much needed solution and a differentiated offering to individuals and businesses.

EdLogics provides innovative education and empowers today's healthcare consumer. Through interactive health games, multimedia educational programs, creative gamification strategies, and rewards for educational achievement, EdLogics delivers a personalized and fun user experience that uniquely educates consumers on common and costly health conditions and the benefit resources that are available to them. EdLogics' powerful data-driven personalization engine enhances the user experience by recommending educational content and learning activities based on personal preferences, demographics, and medical history of the user. To date, over 99% of EdLogics users have shown significant documented increases in health knowledge and 81% report that they intend to change their behavior based on what they have learned.

Mr. Pat Dileo, Quad M Solutions' Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We believe EdLogics' digital health education and communications platform is a great fit for our self-funded health plans and other employee benefits. The content and experience that EdLogics has put together empowers consumers to improve utilization of their benefits and make better healthcare decisions. Their focus and success in engagement, personalization, and data analytics makes them an ideal partner. There are tremendous cross-over opportunities between our members and their community of users. We are confident this partnership will enable us to broaden our reach into new territories, industries, and customers - and add meaningful revenue."

EdLogics Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Chamberlain, PharmD, stated, "We recognize the uniqueness and high value-add of Quad M Solutions' self-funded health plans and view them as a game-changer for self-insured companies and the gig economy. We look forward to integrating our solutions and are excited about the opportunity to grow and cross-sell in these new markets."

About EdLogics
EdLogics is a digital health education and communications company and innovator in game-based learning dedicated to transforming the way people learn about health. Through interactive health games, multimedia educational programs, creative gamification strategies, and rewards for educational achievement, EdLogics delivers a personalized user experience that uniquely educates consumers on common and costly health conditions, addresses the challenges of interacting with the healthcare system, and drives participation in other client-sponsored programs. By educating in fun and engaging ways, improving health literacy, and driving positive health behaviors, EdLogics empowers individuals to take greater responsibility for managing their health and become better informed healthcare decision-makers. The EdLogics Platform™ is utilized by a wide range of organizations including employers, health insurers, healthcare providers, academic institutions, and municipalities. For more information, visit

About Quad M Solutions, Inc.
Quad M Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK:MMMM), is a public holding company that offers staffing services and employee benefits such as self-funded health plans, HR-human resources, payroll services, retirement, supplemental and workers compensation insurance to small and mid-sized group employers. It has four subsidiaries, NuAxess 2, Inc., PrimeAxess, Inc., OpenAxess, Inc. and PrimeAxess 2, LLC.

NuAxess 2 is a full-service healthcare financial, employee benefits and self-insured insurance consulting company that provides comprehensive major medical self-insured value-based health coverage for group employers with 1 to 500 employees and their eligible dependents. Our proprietary offerings provide reduced premium cost savings compared to typical insured major medical health plans. NuAxess employer members have both choice and access to medical providers without network restrictions. Employees are able to manage their immediate and long-term healthcare needs through innovative wellness and prevention programs tied to financial incentives.

NuAxess gives employer members access to timely and reliable healthcare information through interactive member engagement programs, enabling them to manage and control their health decisions along with their doctors. NuAxess ‘Smart' Plans include no coinsurance, no medical copays, full transparency and unrestricted access to any doctor. Furthermore, the NuAxess Smart Plan has a unique dual deductible feature that includes a Health Savings Account. The Plan is supported by an extensive technology platform of strategic vender programs operating under a single source administration. The technology and these programs are available 24/7 365 to assist members in making healthcare-related decisions.

Included in the employee members' health plans are user friendly, best-in-class health products and services, offered via a menu-driven approach.

Our strategic partners bring comprehensive consumer-driven health and wellness focused services that are linked to our websites, mobile applications, wearable devices, remote monitoring, and other health-related tools, all of which broaden the value proposition offered to the employee.

NuAxess operates nationwide to meet the demand of the rapidly expanding market of small and mid-size group employers as well as the exploding essential worker "Gig Economy," this labor market is characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, not permanent jobs.

For additional information, please visit: and

Forward-Looking Statements:
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Corporate Contact:
Pat Dileo
CEO, Chairman
Quad M Solutions, Inc.

[email protected]

SOURCE: Quad M Solutions, Inc.

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