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Chatnels Software Launches Chatnels App

Tuesday, 21 July 2020 12:00 PM

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / Chatnels Software has launched its first product, an AI-powered chat messaging platform. This product is an enterprise chat platform to simplify workflow communications. Chatnels supports chat lines, similar to phone lines, that let you answer incoming chats, transfer to others, host a conference and invite other participants into the chat. Each chat line can have AI-powered digital assistants to automate basic tasks and engage participants in the chat.

To date, Chatnels has been piloted by a number of enterprises including Technical Safety BC and Quince Analytics. These collaborations allowed Chatnels to pilot the workflow chat communications concept for use in the public safety and fresh produce procurement market segments. The target use case is for businesses to communicate with customers, clients and partners; where typically traditionally telephony is currently used.

"Given physical distancing challenges, the Chatnels product launch provides a new way for customers to connect with businesses, similar to a phone call but better user experience with chat. Many businesses also face increased task backlogs and Chatnels enables more efficient workflow communications to get more done" said Hannah Borland, Marketing Manager of Chatnels. Colin Quon, CEO of Chatnels adds, "we made the decision earlier this year to accelerate R&D efforts to evolve Chatnels from a single-client solution to an enterprise grade scalable platform that can be used by enterprises of all sizes. To help scale the uptake of the Chatnels platform, we added Zoom and Slack integration to support enterprise customers already using these applications. We are especially pleased that one of our current pilot clients has made the decision to expand the use of Chatnels into other segments of its business operations."

Enterprise Market Segments

Historically, the majority of Chatnels Software's business has been derived from the healthcare segment. Chatnels was pilot tested in the public safety and fresh produce procurement market segments with success. The broader enterprise business sector represents new markets in which Chatnels could positively impact, such as logistics and supply chain, retail, utilities, government, and technology.

About Chatnels Software and Excelar Technologies

Chatnels Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Excelar Technologies. Excelar has developed software technology and products that have capability to digitally transform and automate workflows to increase operational efficiency, improve business outcomes and develop engaging user experiences. Our business strategy is to seek opportunities to incorporate data science, machine learning, and business intelligence to create cost-efficient enterprise software-as-a-service solutions. Visit for more information.

Chatnels Software's first product, Chatnels, is a revolutionary new SaaS solution, an AI-powered chat messaging platform to simplify workflow communications. Chatnels integrates with other business apps, such as Slack and Zoom, as well as digital assistants; thereby reducing logistical costs, streamlining B2B and B2C communications, and addressing regulatory compliance requirements. Visit for more information.

For more information, please contact

Hannah Borland, Marketing Manager
[email protected]
(778) 968-6443

SOURCE: Chatnels Software

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