Who Is This Financial Strategist Teaching the Average Citizen How to Build Their Own Banking System?
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Who Is This Financial Strategist Teaching the Average Citizen How to Build Their Own Banking System?

Monday, July 20, 2020 4:00 AM
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BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 20, 2020 / When it comes to helping people regain power over their lives financially and beyond, Jake Tayler Jacobs does it all.

He's a financial strategist, coach, and speaker, as well as the author of two published books: 1) We Are Sick: Surviving Financial Cancer, and 2) Private Banking Blueprint: The Playbook To Becoming The Banker. When peeling back the layers of Jacobs' elaborate business empire, the importance of these books can't be overstated. That's because, at their core, they give life to the very ideas that fuel Jacobs' business platform as a whole.

His first book, We Are Sick: Surviving Financial Cancer, thoughtfully examines finance-related stress at the psychological level and discusses Jacobs' belief that such stress is the number one killer in America. Then, it dives into how one can take action, buck the system, and become financially independent themselves. The second, Private Banking Blueprint: The Playbook To Becoming The Banker, challenges what has become popularly-accepted consumer behavior and flips the narrative to teach the techniques the banks use to preserve their wealth. Then, Jacobs breaks down how such practices can be mimicked to make your money work better for you.

As you might have guessed, Jacobs' involvements - callings may be the better word - don't end simply at teaching financial literacy by way of literature, coaching, and public speaking. He's also the president of ABS Brokers, an insurance marketing firm he started in 2015 to help families become debt-free while learning how to safeguard investments and build generational wealth. Furthermore, he's a co-founder of The ABS Institute, an online financial learning academy he created with friend and partner Brother Ben X, a fellow financial whiz and serial entrepreneur who boasts a massive digital audience of his own.

By now, you're probably wondering what ABS stands for. It stands for Assets Before Splurging, a personal mantra of Jacobs' that has since evolved into a megabrand. By design, of course, it's also the name of his podcast, which serves as just another outlet with which Jacobs can share his wisdom.

"It's all in the name of teaching," says Jacobs, and that, for him, "becoming a teacher was destiny." Following college, where he earned a degree in sports management, Jacobs went to work as a physical education teacher. Soon enough, Jacobs was left wanting more, so he started teaching financial literacy classes in 2012. Not too long after, helped in part by the foundation of ABS Brokers, Jacobs quickly realized he could have a more significant impact by helping others make sense of the financial world. From there, he left his formal teaching position and never looked back.

"Teaching is a matter of relating his experiences to others," says Jacobs. After all, the ideas for the independent banking system and the Private Banking Blueprint are partially derived from practices Jacobs' father employed, as well as from Nelson Nash's Infinite Banking concept. While Jacobs' father was writing for The Dallas Morning News full-time, he was handling his own banking on the side. While Jacobs' dad was handling his money in a way most people don't, Jacobs was taking note.

The practices and techniques Jacobs teaches are sound - otherwise, he wouldn't sell the lessons as coursework to others. Even so, the lessons feel somewhat rebellious at a time when the average person is so open to, if not reliant on, debt and financing. The way Jacobs sees it, such behavior only makes sense because financial teachings promoted by formal education and institutions have been teaching it for decades.

The thought of challenging the banking system and wielding that financial power for themselves is scary, if not foreign, or seemingly unachievable, for many who have never considered the thought. After all, doesn't becoming your own bank seem like a grandiose objective? Jacobs disagrees.

As a matter of fact, he believes in his message so much that not only does he teach it, but he has also proven that his approaches work time and time again through his own business experiences. That's something Jacobs takes pride in; his methods are tried and true, and he has applied them all himself. Jacobs won't even sell a course if he can't vouch for it personally. Amidst an online learning revolution that has brought more opinions to financial education than ever before, that transparency speaks magnitudes.

At the end of the day, whether they're a student or not, Jacobs wants everyone to know and accept that life without debt is possible. The things you want to achieve are possible; you just have to understand the game, use that understanding to your advantage, and stay diligent in your process.

After all, nothing worth having is easy. Then again, living paycheck to paycheck isn't easy regardless.

To learn more about Jake and to get involved with the Private Banking Blueprint, make sure to check out his website.

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