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Life Coach, Unitra Renee, on Slowing Down, Setting Goals and Tapping Into The Inner Creative Within All of Us

Tuesday, 21 July 2020 11:00 AM

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / Wife, mother, business owner, and life coach, Unitra Renee, is helping average people step off of life's ‘hamster wheel' to obtain a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction through creative passion. She lives that out through her mission statement: "I coach individuals on how to experience work-life balance by exploring their own ideas".

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Unitra Renee is passionate about helping others create a sense of purpose and following the heart while handling day to day responsibilities. Born in the city of New Orleans and raised in a nearby suburb, Unitra grew up balancing her academics with modeling, tennis, and ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps). She dreamed of one day living in New York City and working for a particular publication, Essence Magazine. Her life was redirected when she unexpectedly became a mom, and then married at the age of 20. During this time, she continued to forge ahead by self publishing a magazine that highlighted models and talent. A decade later and now a mother of 3, her life took an even more unexpected turn as she was now faced with divorce and starting over to find her way as a single mom. After working with a life coach, she was challenged to recreate herself, and her career. Beating all statistical odds, she ultimately achieved her dream of becoming a Fashion and Beauty Model Editor for Essence Magazine.

Although her job was both rewarding and challenging, when Unitra found herself working longer and longer hours and spending more time in the office than she did with her kids, she decided she needed to make a change. Once more, she started over, this time armed with years of valuable experience. Throughout her regrouping process, she made time to complete a degree in Organizational Psychology, became a certified life coach, and founded her creative services company, ARTinU (Unitra spelled backwards).

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Unitra has since remarried and now lives in Dallas, Texas. She enjoys the fruit of her labor over her children who have all become college graduates. She draws from her own life experience in order to help clients unlock potential and explore the creativity that lies within. When working with new clients, Unitra goes back to basics and begins by helping them slow down and dismantle their autopilot. According to Unitra: "You have to start by slowing down the track that repeats in your mind. If you don't slow down the track, you won't be able to hear new thoughts or ideas." Unitra helps clients achieve this by implementing a brief introduction to meditation. She instructs her clients to begin each day with this practice, grounding themselves in the present moment in order to receive clarity from within. After clients have quieted their minds and begun to open their hearts, they are ready to begin the process of organizing their ideas. She also introduces a prerequisite component to the age-old S.M.A.R.T. goals concept she calls, H.E.A.R.T. goals. Unitra believes your ideas should make you feel: Hopeful, Energetic, Attentive, Renewed, and Tenacious. If your ideas don't make you feel this way, she sends you back to the drawing board.

Unitra shares that the key to her success can be tied to her creative ability to think outside the box, believing that every idea must involve creativity. She invites clients to do the same by employing the "What If" game. She says the mind has a tendency to think negatively all day until we take charge of it. So, instead of thinking about the unwanted "What If's", she implores her clients to consider the best possible outcome: "What if I could make this work?" By reframing their mindset, clients can actively consider a desirable outcome and then trace back the steps necessary to achieve it.

To date, Unitra has worked with clients from all walks of life, from successful business owners wanting to implement change, employees wanting to explore a new career, to college students needing direction. She is also passionate about charitable work and giving back to the community. Growing up, she witnessed her mother's incredible tenacity and creativity, while seeing her father's resilience and impeccable work ethic. These are always her go-to attributes to get ahead in life, as she now helps others do the same.

As a Creative Life Coach, Unitra Renee encourages her clients to get on the court in order to start living their "blessed life". Les Brown once said, "The graveyard is the richest place on earth". Unitra urges her clients to avoid arriving at the end of their lives with worthy ideas buried inside.

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ARTinU creative coaching sessions allows Unitra to connect with clients across the globe by phone or video conferencing. Direct meetings are also optional within the Dallas, Texas area.

​You will never know what "could be" until you take strategic steps and develop an insightful plan to make something new happen. Unitra wants to become your creative coach to help you outline a plan that moves you from hesitation towards a life of action and fulfillment for you, and your family. Let her stir up the ARTinU and become your accountability partner today!

While Unitra is available for private coaching, she is also committed to reaching as many people as possible with her message. She does so by providing free content on her Youtube channel, "High Vibrations with Unitra Renee" and is in the midst of publishing an ebook, "Get The Hell Out: A Practical Guide For Creating Your Very Own Heaven on Earth." Look for her book in early fall 2020.

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Contact Name: Unitra Renee
Business Name: ARTinU Creative Services, LLC
Address: Dallas, TX
Phone Number: 682.777.3813
Website Link:

SOURCE: Unitra Renee

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