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Enjoy The Difficulty And Love The Process with Kyle Klosowski and Credit101

Thursday, 16 July 2020 03:50 AM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2020 / Kyle Klosowski grew up surviving off the bare minimum. From being raised by a single mother on disability, to becoming a multimillionaire enjoying his life, he is currently helping people by repairing their credit, getting loans, and also embarking into similar business opportunities as his own.

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Starting in a survival environment was not a negative note in his book as he met many people who have better shaped his life to what it is today. Every struggle in his journey was an opportunity to learn and led him to apply those tools in all other aspects of his success. Klosowski never looks at his employment as just work, he used these experiences to learn and sculpt himself into the man he is today. Starting at NYPD (New York Pizza Department) he learned an incredible amount about customer service and successfully running a business.

Working hard brought him closer to the owner of the establishment, who he saw as his first mentor. He was eventually offered to buy the business. Deciding to decline this offer was a monumental decision in his life as he would still be practically married to the restaurant to this day. Klosowski knew it was time to apply the experience he attained into his true passion. With a huge love for motorcycles, he used his skills to buy and sell motorcycle parts for a profit, then created a successful online store (still the largest used motorcycle parts store on eBay to date).

He learned he needed to build his credit in order to attain more inventory in efforts to multiply his profits. Fine-tuning his troubleshooting skills was a major advantage of his motorcycle business, while also learning automation skills and marketing.

Currently helping people with Credit 101 and also consulting, he is using all those years of experience to give back and to show others the ropes; or, better said, the easy way. Klosowski, with over 9 years of experience piloting Credit 101 is excited to expand and mentor aspiring individuals to make money using his system which will be available for purchase as a franchise. Everything is set up for driven and emerging entrepreneurs to achieve their goals without so much struggle and headache.

Ditch the 9 to 5, while setting your own schedule. If you dare, invest in yourself. Be sure to visit the Credit 101 website, and follow Klosowski on Instagram @International_kyle.

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SOURCE: HighKey Agency

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