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RealTerm Energy Expands to Offer Smart City and Smart Building Solutions

Thursday, 16 July 2020 08:00 AM

RealTerm Energy

ANNAPOLIS, MD / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2020 / RealTerm Energy, a North American leader in LED & Smart Exterior Lighting conversions since 2013, is expanding into the Smart City and Smart Building space for municipalities, utilities, universities, schools and hospitals. The company's entire service portfolio can now be found on its new website:

"We began with LED lighting because we believe it solves many of our clients' challenges from high energy costs to expensive maintenance needs, while promoting ecological protection and improving public safety," states RealTerm Energy CEO Angelos Vlasopoulos. "As we learned more about small to mid-size municipalities and their needs, we developed additional solutions with an aim to save our clients' money while helping them become more efficient, reduce their environmental footprint, make their communities safer, and help city leaders better engage and inform their citizens." The Montreal-based company with its US head office in Annapolis, Maryland, has also extended its offering to utilities, hospitals, universities and schools.

As the COVID pandemic pushes governmental and non-governmental institutions to seek more cost savings, RealTerm Energy's triad of services offers answers. "All of our solutions will help our customers become more efficient and will allow them to save on operating and maintenance costs," explains Vlasopoulos. "With our very attractive financing options, cities can immediately reap the benefits of our solutions and see significant savings in their OPEX budget from year one with little or no capex required."

LED & Smart Exterior Lighting Conversions

RealTerm Energy has been trusted by over 350 communities for LED & Smart Lighting Control projects in the U.S. and Canada since its inception in 2013 and has received recognition from the World Bank for an LED exterior lighting joint-procurement model developed in Ontario.

Converting exterior lights (streetlights, parking lots, parks, etc.) to LED can save 70% in energy costs (up to 90% with Smart Lighting Controls) and up to 80% in maintenance costs.

Smart Cities

RealTerm Energy now offers the only unified Smart City solution for small to medium-sized municipalities, making it easy and affordable for smaller municipalities to become Smart. The solution is comprised of three key components:

  • The Smart City MyTown App, which facilitates two-way communication between the municipality and its residents/tourists and offers the opportunity to render a plethora of information available to citizens.
  • The Smart Maps Asset Management Platform, which allows municipalities to revolutionize their asset management and save on operating and maintenance costs, while delivering better services.
  • The Smart City Knowledge Network, which will allow Smart Cities to share information about the Smart space and add Smart services over time.

Smart Buildings

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems account for an average of 45% of a building's energy consumption, whereas interior lighting accounts for over 15%. Municipalities, utilities, universities, schools and hospitals can therefore drastically reduce their energy bills, cut maintenance costs, increase occupant comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the efficiency of their HVAC systems and interior lighting. RealTerm Energy is now offering solutions for both.

RealTerm Energy has partnered with BrainBox AI, a company it incubated, and distributes their HVAC artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the municipal, utility, university, school & hospital markets. BrainBox AI's technology converts existing HVAC equipment into an autonomous system using artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The result? Up to a 25% reduction in total energy costs, a 20-40% decrease in carbon footprint, and a 50% improvement in occupant comfort. All this with quick installation, a 3-month payback and low to no CAPEX.

After years in the exterior LED conversion market, RealTerm Energy is also offering its expert lighting services for building interiors. Interior lighting accounts for 17% of all electricity consumed in U.S. commercial buildings, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's 2012 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS). That means an upgrade to LED lighting leads to significant energy savings, decreased labor, maintenance and disposal cost, a reduced environmental impact and better lighting quality.

RealTerm Energy's entire portfolio of solutions is now detailed on its new website,

About RealTerm Energy

Founded in 2013, RealTerm Energy is a North American leader in LED & Smart Lighting with over 300 successful projects across the U.S. and Canada. They are also the only company offering a full-service and affordable Smart City solution to small and medium-sized municipalities. The Smart Building solution they offer is the only one of its kind in the world. The company's success is built on a stellar reputation for smooth and timely delivery, a price for performance beyond compare, and a customer-focused mentality offering quality, efficiency and professionalism every time.

The future is Smart. We can help you get there.


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SOURCE: RealTerm Energy

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