Kevin David Starring in Premiere of Marrying Millions Season 2
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Kevin David Starring in Premiere of Marrying Millions Season 2

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 5:45 PM
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SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2020 / After rave reviews, the Lifetime original Marrying Millions is returning for a second season. Five new couples will appear on the show as we follow the trials and tribulations that come with trying to make a relationship work when the parties are from two completely different worlds. The season premiere of Season Two will air on the Lifetime channel on August 5th at 10 pm EST.

Kevin David, a 30-year-old self-made millionaire - along with his girlfriend Kattie - stars in the show's second season. The show gives us a glimpse into their relationship and their everyday lives. It also gives us an inside look at what the people closest to them think of their relationship.

Marrying Millions originally premiered on the Lifetime network on July 10, 2019. Created by the same people who brought us, 90 Day Fiancee, the show follows couples in which one partner is extremely wealthy and the not. We followed six couples in Season One, each of which claims to be deeply in love and hoping to marry. But the show puts that love under investigation and leads the couples - as well as their friends and family - to ask themselves "Is it, true love? Or is it for love of money and the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed?"

We meet friends and family who are by turns supportive and suspicious, travel with the couples on exotic vacations to lavish settings, and - of course - watch the romance and intrigue in action!

This show is full of drama, glamour, and passion. While it may sound like a modern-day fairy tale, the road to the alter is often rocky and littered with difficult conversations. Find out how these couples will bridge the gap between their very different worlds and make a life together work!

Follow Kevin David and His Partner Kattie
Kevin David and Kattie are a young couple and first-time reality TV stars. The young lovers met in Mexico when Kattie, 23, traveled to one of Kevin's speaking events in Mexico.

"I took one look and I knew - I had to meet this girl," says Kevin David. The feeling was mutual and sparks flew between the two. Now, they're deeply in love, but Kattie's friends have reservations about the relationship. She knows her love is real, but her friends don't like that Kevin is frugal with his courtship, despite having a net worth of $20 to 30 million.

Find out how they handle the ensuing drama and overcome (or trip over!) the obstacles of dating someone with such a different socio-economic status.

Who Is Kevin David and How Did He End Up on Making Millions?
Known internet-wide as the "Unemployed CEO," Kevin David is a self-made millionaire worth of $20 to 30 million. He started as a full-time corporate accountant and worked for several companies - including Facebook - before he realized that he just wasn't cut out for corporate life.

"I looked around while I was at Facebook and I realized that even with the extravagant perks Facebook offers its employees, even though it was the best job I'd had up until that point...I wasn't happy. I was never going to be happy working for someone else," says Kevin David. "I had to start asking myself, ‘If you can't be happy here, in what you thought was your dream job, what do you want?' I wanted to be free - and it turns out that real freedom, for me, means working for myself."

This realization led to a search for the business opportunity that would give him financial freedom, free time, and the ability to move around that he desired. "I found what I was looking for online," says Kevin David. Specifically, he found Amazon and created an Amazon FBA eCommerce business that quickly boomed. "Digital Marketing, eCommerce - it's a gold mine if you know how to work it."

Kevin's numerous online businesses now include his eCommerce site, multiple software offerings for digital marketers and Amazon sellers, an Amazon automation service, and a variety of online courses geared towards other hopeful online-entrepreneurs.

Kevin David is now a best-selling author, coach, mentor, and motivational speaker to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. "It's staggering sometimes if I sit and think about it," laughs Kevin David. "This empire that I built, it all started because I couldn't bear to work for someone else. I feel very humbled that I achieved this level of success so quickly. I feel like I have to give back what I can."

"I want everyone to be able to experience what I've gained," says Kevin David. "I'm not stingy with my ‘business secrets.' I truly believe that anyone can do what I've done - they just have to put in the work and follow the path. It's 99.9% effort and .1% luck." His online courses for entrepreneurs share his personal journey - the struggles and obstacles he encountered - and layout lessons on how to develop and refine the skills and mindset required to achieve success online.

One of his most popular books, "Unfair Advantage," teaches people how companies like Airbnb and Uber became industry leaders while the majority of similar businesses failed in their first five years.

"Over the years, I've built an enormous base of followers, and I've helped to create some of the world's largest online communities in digital marketing. I like to believe that proves how empowering my teachings are. People love it because it motivates them to be better - it motivates them to make it work," says Kevin David.

Over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, 600k+ followers on Facebook, and 240k+ on Instagram back up his claims.

Kevin David's following hails from all over the world. "They're all from different backgrounds, different cultures, different ways of life. They're at all levels of experience too," the young entrepreneur tells us. "I have clients who are just starting out and looking for a way to organize themselves, and I have clients that I'm helping to scale their business up to 7 and 8-figure profit margins."

"And now, after working so hard, I want someone to share this life with me," says Kevin David. "It's so easy to say, ‘You already have everything,' but I'm a regular guy. I want someone to love me for me. I want to have a family and share my life with someone special. This show seemed like a great way to accomplish that."

"I feel like I've met my match in Kattie" continues Kevin David, smiling. "I'm not supposed to give anything away until after the show airs, but what I can say's worth the watch." Marrying Millions airs on Lifetime, August 5th at 10 pm EST.

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