How Jose Gordo Went from Military to Millionaire by Being a Determined Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author
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How Jose Gordo Went from Military to Millionaire by Being a Determined Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 9:30 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2020 / Jose Gordo is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, world- class business strategist and philanthropist. For more than 15 years, millions of people around the world have experienced a transformation of their lives and their businesses thanks to the sharp and focused vision of Jose Gordo, who is one of the greatest mentors in leadership, personal development and business strategy. Jose combines the experiences he's had in his life to create unique growth strategies, which he uses to share with others around him.

Being in the military shaped the person Jose Gordo is today, it grew his knowledge, and taught him many lessons that he wants to share with others. He is the author of two successful books one of which being "Dining with Millionaires," where military discipline is put into practice when creating success in business. Jose describes his best-selling books as a reflection of everything that he has. Specifically, "Dining with Millionaires" had a lot of himself in it not only in his experience as an entrepreneur and mentor, but all other aspects of his life.

Jose Gordo explains the silver lining that has helped him to excel at everything he's done in his career, was the discipline he had learned as a soldier many years ago. He explains this as "Discipline has marked a lot of my training and a good part of that book. My most recent title, "From a tragic life to a magical life," is a complete manual for sales lovers, a guide to finding potential and talent in oneself, through the experiences I have gained in that sector. The important thing about these books is that they impact the lives of other people and are genuinely useful to them." His hopes are that in a few years he will be interviewing a successful entrepreneur and he will mention one of my books as the text that started his adventure.

In regards to his role as a philanthropist, Jose Gordo believes in human potential and that people are capable of incredible things. He explains by saying "With the experience that I have gained in the last few years and all the people that I have met, I have also opened my eyes to this a lot. I am aware of the impact that I can have on others, but I cannot forget the impact others have left on me, and that is what has moved me to become more and more involved with helping other people." Through this, he has realized that there are many people who go through bad times that they are not living the best of their lives because they believe that they cannot aspire to do anything else or that they are not capable of changing it. Jose has collaborated with initiatives and material aid that help empowerment, give people the tools to find their place in the world, and their way to change their communities from the inside.

Jose is paving the way for aspiring entrepreneurs with his knowledge, creative mind, and the steps he takes to make the world a better place. His main passion at the moment is coaching which allows him to work that part with people individually. For Jose Gordo, is about giving them the resources to be able to make significant changes in their lives. To follow along with Jose's journey, click here.

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