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The Top 10 Forex Coaches To Follow in 2020

Thursday, 09 July 2020 12:30 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2020 / The foreign exchange, also known as Forex, has given birth to a new generation of traders who have been able to create financial freedom from their computers. Trading these markets successfully takes time, experience and patience - and a little bit of guidance. Here we present 10 of the Forex coaches leading the way and helping their clients thrive:

1. Hassan Mahmoud

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Growing up, Hassan Mahmoud's experience of the U.S.A didn't quite live up to the ‘American Dream' he and his family had hoped for. Hassan's family moved from Palestine to America, where he was born, and it didn't take long before Hassan had the entrepreneurial itch. Starting his first successful entrepreneurial venture selling candy while in school, Hassan dropped out at just 15 years old to get into the family car business. Through his persistence and hard work, Hassan became a multimillionaire at just 19 years old. Through some hard-learned lessons Hassan lost it all, however he attributes this experience towards the success he's been able to achieve. After homelessness, multiple jobs and new ventures, Hassan discovered how much money was being traded in the Forex markets. Becoming obsessed with Forex and immersing himself in learning, Hassan began trading. Once again, his failures taught him a lot, and he quickly learned the systems and strategies for success in the Forex market. He and his wife then began their Forex Company Eaconomy, which has helped thousands of their clients achieve financial control and freedom. "If you just keep showing up and are faithful to that process, something is bound to happen" Hassan explained. A lot can be learned from Hassan's story as he's applied the lessons he learned in his life to Forex, which has led him to being one of the best Forex coaches in the industry today.

2. Austin Silver

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Co-Founding ASFX in the middle of 2019 with his girlfriend Rylee, Austin Silver's Forex Trading Education Service aims to equip those who are yet to learn to trade with the tools to become self-sufficient day traders. With the results they'd been delivering for their clients, it wasn't long before ASFX became one of the most sought-after Forex education companies. Combining Austin's trading knowledge and Rylee's expertise in marketing and advertising, ASFX has scaled rapidly in the last 12 months, helping countless students succeed and create a positive impact in their lives. For those who are yet to learn to trade, entering the Forex world can be daunting. Since most traders lose out due to a lack of appropriate knowledge, Austin aims to make Forex trading for beginners a seamless and enjoyable experience. Unlike a lot of other Forex education services, Austin & Rylee provide both comprehensive video courses and personal 1-on-1 mentorship. While the standard for Forex education has reached a plateau, Austin is constantly raising the bar for what Forex coaching can deliver.

3. Joseph Barreca

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With over 11 years of trading experience, Joseph Barreca's passion for Trading Forex lead him to wanting to teach others how they could create an income from anywhere in the world. After achieving great success in the markets, Joe started Forex 101, a Foreign Exchange trading education company that was established to help many aspiring traders learn easy, stress-free and simple techniques on how to trade the markets profitably. Joe lays down the fundamentals of trading, helping individuals that don't know where to start and can't afford to spend thousands on Forex education. With a simple trading method and a track record that can be followed, more than 40% of Forex 101's members have become consistently profitable traders. "All our members that come to us tell us how simple and relaxed our trading strategies are" Joe explained. Priding themselves on being hands on with their community, Joe and his team nurture every client personally, holding them accountable to ensure maximum results. Focusing on delivering real value rather than flashy cars and lifestyles, Joe and his team help you gain the confidence to trade independently. With near unmatched experience and an affordable and reliable education program, Joe and his team will help you fast track Forex success

4. Tokyo Forex

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Having completed an Engineering degree in the UK, Tokyo Forex started his trading journey as he desired the freedom to travel when he wanted, and a career in engineering wouldn't allow it. Pouring his energy into studying the forex market, he began to see some amazing success in his trades. Deciding to share his knowledge, he began to help other traders by sharing his own experiences and steering them clear of the expensive mistakes he made along the way. With an attention-grabbing Instagram page, Tokyo understands visual learning and the struggles of reading a wall of text - which is exactly why he creates aesthetically pleasing educational posts. He has received much praise from his followers, as they appreciate the simplicity of his education, helping them further understand it. Through providing immense value through his Instagram, Tokyo was able to grow his account to over 12k followers in just 6 months. Combining his design skills and forex knowledge to create eye-catching content, he's been able to impact more lives, as he understands that we learn best when it's fun and interactive.

5. Tyler Malone

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Formerly a fitness trainer, Tyler made the career switch to Forex trading, as he no longer wanted to trade his time for money working with clients in a gym. Applying the principles he learned in the gym such as patience, discipline and keeping things as simple as possible, it wasn't long before Tyler started to make some big gains - that weren't physical. Tyler's mindset and approach to trading is admirable, as he knows consistency and time, much like with fitness, will yield the results long term. Through his success in the Forex market, Tyler is now committed to helping others do the same and build their own trading skills, helping them to create the financial freedom they desire. "Sheer will and determination is not substitute for something that actually works" Tyler explained. Tyler offers a tonne of value through his Instagram, showing his audience his trades, and offering advice and explanations for different types of trades. Tyler's knowledge and approach to trading has helped both him and his clients, achieving results they never thought possible.

6. Ben FX

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Based in the UK with a group of over 400 students, Ben has been able to lead the way for many aspiring traders. Offering advice on trades, signals and different strategies, Ben has countless testimonials of his students' success. Understanding how results take time, Ben preaches the long game, as he knows that no success comes overnight - particularly in Forex. "Once you get in the groove of trading, know how the market works, how to manage your risk appropriately and have the right tools to identify good trades to take then that's a winning combination and something that can consistently help you pull profits from this market on a daily basis" Ben explained. The global pandemic has highlighted the need to be able to make money online, which Ben and his students continue to do.

7. Ryan Hanlon

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Ryan Hanlon is a UK based Forex Trader & Coach, who prides himself on being fully transparent with his clients and anyone looking to enter the investing game. Having immersed himself for over 3 years in studying & learning about Forex before entering the market, Ryan now has 2 years of full-time trading experience under his belt, with some amazing results to show for it. The Forex industry often cops a bad rap for the ever-growing number of illegitimate coaches. Ryan aims to grow his brand so that people know exactly who to go to. "I'm trying to do everything in my power to have people find me before the fakes, so they see forex for what it really can be and hopefully have a long future with it." Ryan said. With a game changing new Forex Trading Course soon to launch, revealing every secret he's learnt in the game of trading, it's going to be a big back end of 2020 for Ryan and his team. Ryan's passion for helping others and ensuring they are continuously learning and having a great experience, is what makes him a standout coach to keep an eye on.

8. Mariah Silva

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A program specialist based in Austin, Texas, Mariah Silva is an ambitious and dedicated Forex trader, who loves nothing more than to see others succeed. Graduating college and desiring financial freedom, Mariah had an entrepreneurial itch, leading her to discovering Forex trading through IM Mastery Academy. Having witnessed countless individuals gain the freedom to quit their job and begin trading full time, Mariah's desire to help others comes from the joy it brings to the people she's able to impact. During the hard times that hit the world in early 2020, this hasn't stopped Mariah and her team from helping more and more beginners learn how to trade and create an income working from home. Being a part of a team in the environment of their academy is the perfect environment to grow - everyone wants to see each other succeed, and they have been changing the lives of countless entrepreneurs. Mariah's free-spirited nature and passion for creating a positive impact, is why she loves what she does and been able to help so many people in the process.

9. Young Trader Dave

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Starting his investing journey a little over 5 years ago, Dave is a self-taught forex coach who learned all of his skills the hard way. Being his own mentor, Dave now values the role of mentorship and is helping people at the beginning of their investing careers to not make the same mistakes he was able to learn from. "With a mentor you actually stand a chance in the Forex market" Dave explained. Turning his hobby into his profession, Dave now has over 300 satisfied members in his exclusive trading group. Dave's giving personality is evident with how much time he has for his students, always being there to answer questions and help them understand things further. Also offering 1-1 coaching services from conversations to assistance with live trades, Dave's self-taught knowledge is helping many on their journey to Forex success.

10. Katrina Worgess

Boost Media Agency, Thursday, July 9, 2020, Press release picture


Having helped individuals from over 120 countries learn to trade forex through their online platform, Katrina Worgess and her team have simplified learning Forex for individuals, regardless of knowledge or skill level. Having the trades of 7 figure traders sent out daily, their system is super simplified to a copy, paste and earn strategy. Katrina offers her services at a price point that's affordable for nearly anyone - also providing up to 2000 hours of live interactive trading sessions where you can trade along many 6, 7 and even 8 figure traders, asking them any questions you may have. Having learn and earn sessions and also communities where you can discuss different and specific strategies also sets them apart. The fact that it doesn't require a huge investment to learn and access the trade ideas from renowned, 7 figure traders means nearly anyone can succeed in trading the markets. With a low start-up cost to the continued value, Katrina has helped many achieve the online income they desire.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing coaches as they continue to thrive, reach goals, and transform lives. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.


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