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Summit Research Issued Two Additional Patents on Short Path Distillation Technologies, Patented Products Available on Their Updated Ecommerce Website

Wednesday, 08 July 2020 03:00 PM

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2020 / Summit Research, the industry leader in technology and innovation for distillation lab equipment, announced today they received two additional US patents for their short path distillation equipment. Elliot Kremerman, Summit's founder, introduced the theory of an improved short path distillation method that resulted in what's become known as Ultra Short Path Distillation, or USPD. These improved methods added scientific tools to a processing technician's arsenal, resulting in more precise control and flexibility in their refinement and purification processes. The first issued patent covers a Horizontal Boiling Flask Distillation System, US Patent number: 10549212B2. This system creates the foundation of Ultra Short Path Distillation by making the entire system more compact while providing more flexibility in the type of fractional distillation performed with it. The second issued patent is for a component used within the USPD system, an Integrated Dual Stage Trap with Inverted Cup, US Patent number: 20180290074A1. Commonly referred to as a cold trap, this patented component allows the separation of chemical compounds using vacuum suction and cooling. This innovation improves upon prior processes by integrating two previously separate components into a more efficient design.

"I'm always trying to improve both the equipment and the standard operating procedures for its use." stated Elliot Kremerman. "Here is a great example of how our USPD can be used. Say a lab is processing a large volume of material, and their first process produces a surplus of compound-rich slurry. A technician could use one of our USPD systems, like our SPD-7, and run a virgin or refined slurry through it. With the three trapping devices and condensing arm attached to a controllable diaphragm vacuum pump, the technician can remove pure and refined terpenes with unmatched clarity and aromatic values. Once the terpenes are collected the glass may be swapped, allowing the technician to immediately distill out the inactive compounds like waxes, lipids, fats, and other non-target compounds. Then with either the swing arm processes, glass swaps or discharge pumps the technician can dive right into their target compound distillation. Another option would be to stop the process after the terpene strip and empty the system into a larger batch and go straight to remediation. Once back into the SPD-7 system the process can be set at ultra low temperatures while maintaining the benefit of high speed distillations. The point is our USPD system provides lab technicians with unmatched flexibility to process in the manner they like, with precision control." Concluded Mr. Kremerman.

To help showcase Summit's technology, their ecommerce site,, was updated to focus on providing an enhanced user experience for customers, while also highlighting the company's industry expertise. Marco Sousa, Director of Sales & Marketing for Summit Research says of the new website: "We've been very successful as a company by focusing on Only the best. In fact, this phrase is our tagline and our customers know we have the highest quality distillation lab equipment. Also, many know our founder Elliot holds most of the patents for the foundation of what's become an industry standard - Short Path Distillation. We're always innovating, and only manufacture and sell products that are viewed as the best. We recognized earlier this year that our online presence hadn't kept up, so we undertook a complete website refresh. Our revamped site makes the buying process much easier for our current and future customers and allows us to better highlight out patents and technology."

Summit Research, Wednesday, July 8, 2020, Press release picture

Summit Research, Wednesday, July 8, 2020, Press release picture

About Summit Research:

Summit Research was founded by Elliot Kermerman, a veteran of closed loop extraction systems. Elliot's goal was to make the innovations that improved upon commercially available technologies and methods for those in the botanicals extraction industry. Summit Research now is an industry leader with over 30 US patents; designing, manufacturing and selling the highest quality Short Path Distillation lab equipment to both individuals and multi-national corporations. Find out more at


Marco Sousa
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SOURCE: Summit Research

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