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Learn More about MineSet and its Founder Pauly Long

Monday, 06 July 2020 02:45 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2020 / Pauly Long runs an online personal development coaching business called MineSet. MineSet is a community and movement centered around individuals trying to better their lives in any way possible. There are different programs including the MineSet Community, the MineSet 90-Day Transformation, and the upcoming MineSet Shift. Everything is online as of now. The Community consists of a 7-topic video program that covers common struggles and perspectives of life. It also includes lifetime access to the community chat, along with the weekly live calls on Zoom. The 90-Day Transformation is customized to help each client transform their life mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially within a 90-day period or less. There are 3 tiers to that program, and the highest one is called the Ultimate Transformation. This package includes an entirely custom 1-on-1 plan for each of the 4 sections, including access to the Community, as well as coaching calls. This business is meant to help others live the lives they truly want to live without being influenced by judgements and the opinions of others. The upcoming MineSet Shift will teach each individual how to "shift" from the standard 9-5 life into the world of entrepreneurship. There will be a ton of value-packed information about how to leverage your Instagram, how to build your personal brand, what online businesses you can start with little to no money, and much more. MineSet will continue to expand by launching an apparel/accessory line very soon.

Pauly Long, Monday, July 6, 2020, Press release picture

Pauly Long was motivated to get started with his business because he was never someone who enjoyed working for someone else. Pauly says "I was late to just about every shift I've ever worked at any job. I always found many of the things asked of me at all my jobs to be unnecessary and ended up doing things the way I wanted instead. I was never a fan of school and hated the education system (still do). In reality, the Universe has been screaming at me to be an entrepreneur my whole life." When Pauly finally started dabbling into things like real estate and network marketing, it gave him a little taste of entrepreneurship. However, it still wasn't enough for him to be passionate about. Ultimately, he had a realization that unless he started his own business, he would end up being an employee forever, and he did not like the thought of that. "Even when I began my true entrepreneurship in August 2019, I was still affiliating products and services for other businesses using my Instagram as a leveraging platform. But that meant I was working for them, and collecting a commission. So I finally created something of my own, and knew that this was the only way I would ever find fulfillment in what I do." Pauly used his experience working with other influencers and brands to help build his brand to be successful.

One of the biggest challenges Pauly faced when starting a business is not only the doubt from within but also the doubt from others. "Starting a business means you're taking risk. You're investing time and money into something that isn't already established and therefore has the possibility of failing. Self-doubt will absolutely drown you. It will crush your dreams. This is why I'm so adamant about what I do, because I know doubt is one of the most common struggles that the majority of people face in this world." Pauly Long emphasizes the fact that doubt is especially hard when starting your own business and there might be some days that you strongly question what you're doing and even possibly consider quitting. Pauly's advice for this is "Do not let doubt get in the way of your success. That is fear blinding you and impairing your judgement. You need to have such a strong, relentless sense of confidence and belief in what you are doing that everyone else has confidence in you too." The most important thing to remember is to never stop pushing forward, and you will break the barrier at some point.

Pauly Long emphasizes the fact that being an entrepreneur does not come without hardships and doubt. However, it is how Pauly perceived the fear and doubt while changing his mindset that led him to success. To learn more about Pauly Long and his business, click here.


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SOURCE: Pauly Long

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