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Shawn Fair is Building Better Leaders Through a Rigorous Coaching Program

Thursday, 02 July 2020 08:55 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2020 / There's a popular saying that goes: "Leaders aren't born, they are made." That particular phrase holds a lot of weight within any industry. Leadership is a skill and not an innate quality. For some, it might be easier to acquire than others, but the road toward leadership is paved with lots of effort and hard work. Shawn Fair has built leaders throughout his entire career, inciting positive change in the lives of others. Fair works as a motivational speaker in various corporate areas. He is a renowned expert on the topics of corporate leadership, vision, time mastery, consultative sales, business development, and coaching.

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He has done a lot of work within the United States and Canada and has made a huge positive impact along with the success of his clients. Fair makes sure that his clients understand what it takes for personal growth and growth within their business; he highlights the importance of change from within and how it is extremely valuable for improvement. He has a knack for motivating and inspiring leaders of different levels to achieve their respective visions.

With the breadth of his business experience, he has become a major authority within the motivational speaking and training industry. Having worked in different business positions over the past 22 years, from sales to vice president of sales and marketing, there's not a lot of things that Fair himself doesn't know about the industry. He has held trainings for executive positions across multiple large companies on large stages, delivering his award-winning presentations to the biggest leaders of the business industry.

In 2020, he has extended his passion for leadership and teaching others to Budapest, Hungary. Through his experiences of living life in corporate America as a customer service representative, he has found the authority to speak among leaders of different levels. Fair's reach has always been vast when it comes to leadership training, he has even helped leaders within the automotive industry and farming industry to further develop their own leadership capabilities.

Changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of executives, managers, and sales professionals from all over the world, Fair continues to push leaders to build environments that bring out the best in their employees and foster a positive and productive work environment. Fair and his team have created programs that are tailor-made for each specific leader he's working with, from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations, Fair has all the keys to Leadership success. He utilizes different techniques when he works with different clients, but he also makes sure to always go over the fundamentals of leadership.

His career has stood through the test of time. He's been through mergers, acquisitions, and he has mediated every conflict imaginable throughout his career. Fair understands the modern work environment and how to deal with it. He is an expert on the five generations in today's workplace and the four personality types in today's workplace. He is well-versed in the three dominant styles of leadership as well as the five critical attributes one needs to have to encourage great fellowship among employees.

Shawn Fair is helping create competent leaders in an increasingly competitive world. He's changing the game by changing the people that are running it. He has provided so much value to the industry, and he continues to do so in the best way he can.

To know more about Shawn Fair and everything that he does, visit his website. Contact him through his phone number (586-690-1879) or email ([email protected]).

SOURCE: Authority Titans

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