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Andrew Covington’s Journey of Starting His Own Business and Taking Over Different Industries

Wednesday, 01 July 2020 05:54 PM

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / July 1 2020 / Andrew Covington is a multi-faceted business owner with ventures in both the business and entertainment industry. Andrew has been focused on finding new ways to make money since his adolescent years. He has a law firm, hair salon, non profit organization, entertainment company, and artist development operations. He found motivation to get started with his business through admiration of his parents work ethic. Andrew knew that he would not be satisfied with working a typical 9-5 job and being dependent on one stream of income, therefore the idea of multiple sources of income was born to mind and has not left since. One of the biggest challenges Andrew faced along with many other entrepreneurs when starting his own business was overcoming fear of failure. "Once you are determined you can achieve anything you put your mind to." He acknowledges the fact that fear is undoubtedly a factor when starting a business, but it is how you go about facing those fears that will determine your success.

Andrew Covington, Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Press release picture

While in law school, Andrew Covington took over his mother's legacy in the beauty industry. His mother Carolyn Covington has been a cosmetologist for 40 years and has owned various hair salons, day spas, and product lines. When his mom was thinking about getting out of the business due to the diagnosis of a disease that caused her to go blind, Andrew decided to step in. He then created Beauty Empire to honor and continue his mother's legacy in the industry. Andrew has owned two hair salons since the rebrand. Now after the rebrand they offer salons for stylists to be able to operate in their own hair salon suite. This has created the opportunity for stylists to offer their services on their own schedule and run their business the way they want. Additionally, they provide product consulting services for product line vendors and up and coming stylists.

Andrew currently sits on the board for Insightful Visionaries a 501c3 non profit organization, where the mission is to engage in the causes that impact the lives of the undeserved blind/ visually impaired community. This is a passion of Andrews which allows him to honor his mom while finding a way to incorporate his entertainment background with this nonprofit organization.

Being on the board of the nonprofit organization has allowed Andrew Covington to collaborate in events such as the blind idol, visionary honors awards, and the tribute to legends concerts "dancing in the dark". This brought Andrew great joy being able to use his platform to give back to such important organizations.

To continue along with Andrew Covington's journey, click here.

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SOURCE: Andrew Covington

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