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Tax Compliance and Tax Reduction Made Easy With Kenneth Dennis

Wednesday, 01 July 2020 02:30 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2020 / High business taxes often scare away aspiring entrepreneurs from materializing their brilliant ideas. Moreover, excessive taxes also tend to limit investments from coming to full fruition. This cruel logic is what inspired Kenneth Dennis to come up with a program that would restore businessmen's positive outlook on tax compliance.

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Kenneth Dennis, an entrepreneurial icon, is known for his marketing expertise and innovative tax solutions. Using his remarkable business acumen, he built a seven-figure company that got featured in Leadpages, Clear Channel Radio, and several other media outlets. Truly, this esteemed entrepreneur is sending big waves as he continues to stay on top.

Inasmuch as Kenneth is recognized for his success, he is also regarded for his initial steps into the industry. He was just twenty-two years old when he started Raeken, his first company, which was a clothing retailer selling prominent brands like WeSC, Mink Pink, Ray-Ban, and many others. And being new to the business world, he let his excitement get the best of him and made the mistake of ordering way more inventory than what was needed. This pushed him to engage in a series of credit transactions and put him in a lot of debt.

Troubled by thinking of ways to settle his dues, Kenneth came across the idea of putting up a marketing agency. This honed his entrepreneurial skills and pushed him to become a well-versed businessman. As a matter of fact, it was the marketing industry that gave him the confidence he needed to reach his full potential.

Getting the hang of how things worked, it came as no surprise that Kenneth's agency became a success. But as things progressed, he realized that he was slowly losing interest in dealing with his clients. He took his waning enthusiasm as a sign to venture into something new. Setting his thinking gears into motion, he finally reached his eureka moment when he figured that he could use his mother's accounting background as the cornerstone for his next leap.

Together, the mother and son launched the online platform called "Tax Reduction Program" with the mission of helping entrepreneurs save thousands on their taxes. The duo had high hopes for their newly created company and did not let the slow start discourage them from going further with the business. Their persistence paid off because, after two weeks of operations, the company finally earned its first sale.

For the next two years, Tax Reduction Program conditioned itself to focus on creating no less than the best education business, and sales funnel that expanded its client base and earned the nation's trust. Despite the company's incredible growth, it manages to stay aligned with its mission of steering entrepreneurs away from paying excessive taxes. It continuously provides foolproof courses that unravel the techniques used in building generational wealth.

Proving to be on top of its league, Tax Reduction Program maximizes digital tax strategies to provide its clients the convenience anyone would want as they settle their taxes. Additionally, the company offers programs that educate taxpayers with methods that would keep the latter's annual tax dues as low as possible.

Always having the clients' best interests at heart, Kenneth makes the company one of the most sought-after avenues in terms of business expansion and maintenance. To learn more about Kenneth's proprietary Tax Reduction Program, you may visit their website and Instagram page. You may also email Kenneth himself at [email protected] or contact him at (714) 713-1376.

SOURCE: Tax Reduction Program

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