Coco O’Connor’s Awe-Inspiring Musical Journey is One for the Ages
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Coco O’Connor’s Awe-Inspiring Musical Journey is One for the Ages

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 2:00 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2020 / The journey of a musical artist gives audiences so much insight into who they are as people. For small-town girl Coco O'Connor, her journey began as an adventure. An awe-inspiring adventure that eventually led her back to where she was supposed to be.

It's hard to imagine a 45-year old mom releasing her very own music and finding her voice with such a late start in the industry. That is Coco O'Connor's magnificent story. As her story unfolds and as it comes full circle, it's good to look back to where it all began. Coco grew up in rural Alabama in a small town called Cullman just outside of Muscle Shoals. As a young songwriter, she began developing her sound at a moment's notice.

Coco released her debut album in 2015 and gained an instant following. At this point on, she had already established her signature sound. By the time 2018 came, things were looking up for Coco. She decided to form a band for a certain music festival, and she released yet another EP called This Ol' War. It contained seven songs and was released independently.

This Ol' War was adored by critics everywhere and bolstered her popularity among audiences. She won an award from the International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) for her song The Devil, A Wounded Man, And Me back in 2019. With the height of her career still in front of her, Coco was even more inspired to put out new music and hone her artistic craft.

In early 2019, she went back to the studio and returned to her musical roots. The primary catalyst for going back to her humble beginnings and developing a new album was her record deal with Bonfire Music Group. She called up her bandmates from the band she formed back in 2018 and used their experience as inspiration. She brought the entire band back together in-studio to record her latest release When I Was Your World. It was recorded at Blackbird Studios and Dog Den Studios in Nashville.

Throughout her latest project, she worked with the top producers and songwriters in the music industry. They managed to churn out a full collection of ten recordings produced by industry veteran Bill McDermott, along with sound engineering by Steve Marcantonio. The record also features world-renowned Will McFarlane and the Shoals Sisters, who each performed with top soul legends like the late Etta James.

Coco has poured so much of her heart and soul into her most recent project. The lead single from the album called When I Was Your World was written by Coco between 2015-2016, and she held onto it until the right moment. The song was originally inspired by her daughter and how Coco was blown away that she was 'the world' to this brand-new, little person in her life.

Throughout the songwriting process with Rick Beresford and Deanna Walker, Coco felt very emotional, and they knew that it was going to be a special song. She states that the song was a culmination of all the aspects of any relationship, from the newness of it all to the eventual losses and everything in between. She states that having her daughter late in life made it very important for Coco to show her child that one should never live a life of compromise, most notably when it comes to art.

Coco's journey is far from over, and fans from all over the world are joining her every step of the way.

Follow her journey and listen to her music by visiting her website.

To know more about Coco O'Connor , you may give her a call on (615) 649-9500 or email her at [email protected]

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Coco O'Connor
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