Aashish Maru: Serving People Right with His Intelligent Insights as a Business Coach
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Aashish Maru: Serving People Right with His Intelligent Insights as a Business Coach

Monday, June 29, 2020 6:20 AM
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CALIFORNIA CITY , CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2020 / Maru teaches how to transform a coaching business into a lucrative one with great visions and razor sharp strategies.

Although there is a surge of many business coaches all around us, still it is quite challenging to find the best in the business. Originality is what makes a person stand out amongst the rest and makes him/her the best. One of these rare talents is Aashish Khodidas Maru.

Maru's life story is an inspiring one:

Born and brought in Mumbai on 28 January 1996, Aashish has lived quite an interesting life filled with many ups and downs. After his father's business going bankrupt in 2012, they had to forcefully move from the city to the slums selling all their property to the banks; this came as a horrifying rough patch in his life. He felt his dreams were shattered and would not be able to fight any more against all the hurdles. However, it is through these struggles that he reached on the highest peaks of his business.

Challenges made Aashish stronger than ever:

Like any other kid, Aashish had many aspirations in life to fulfill. However, his childhood went by living in the small lanes of the city, which were by the riverside and heavy rains would flood the entire area every year, ruining all his favourite electronics including his computer.

These trying times made Aashish stronger than ever as he never gave up his studies and never lost hope. For completing his education, he even walked 20 km daily to attend colleges and coaching. Not just that getting basic drinking water facilities was also a challenging task, where Aashish had to walk 1 km every day to fetch water for his family.

All these struggles in life taught him a new lesson at every instance and somehow made him stronger as an individual who dared to dream big and make efforts to do something different in life.

Emerging as the game-changer in 2017:

It was in 2017; he started his website development agency by watching YouTube videos and exploring many other things on the online platform. There was so much fire in his dreams and the thirst to become successful that he started his journey becoming a solopreneur, which made him go door-to-door for websites projects.

This young lad did not even own a smartphone then and had to purchase a $20 phone to make sales calls to people. Keeping aside his embarrassments for the same, he still did not give up and kept moving ahead.

The beginning of his coaching company and Marketing agency:

He started building websites at only $2. With that, he built and created around 300 websites at $2-$5 for each client. He accumulated all the work through Facebook groups. In 2018, putting in all his hard work, he decided to start his coaching company and Marketing agency.

Choosing business over studies:

Maru studied B.sc Computer Science but unfortunately had to drop out in the final year to make money with his coaching & digital marketing agency. Although he did not attain success overnight but was quite contemporary and unconventional with his ideas and strategies that helped him carve his business as a successful venture, gradually.

Helping Clients earn a six-figure income:

Aashish's business turned out to be highly lucrative for him and his clients, and within a year, he grew his business to greater heights in the industry. He has become successful in earning a 4 figure income weekly through his coaching & consulting business and at the same time, helping other coaches, consultants and mentors turn their businesses profitable. His clients are making multiple figures online, where he has helped them to earn a six-figure income.

Transforming life from slums to luxuries:

Aashish always dreamt of owning a luxury house, this dream of his has already become a reality today through his persistence and dedication towards his work. With this, he grew much more as a solopreneur where he started helping coaches to scale their businesses, making them earn multiple figures income online through his organic marketing, advertisement and personal branding, so much so that today, this young man is known as the king of organic marketing.

Started a lucrative and effective Program:

Amplify Roadmap is a program in which Aashish began to help coaches build a million-dollar coaching business in a short span of time. There is no game or gimmick involved in this strategy. He helps new students or those with existing companies and transforms their businesses entirely with the use of his unique Amplify Roadmap Method. This has made the job easier for many students.

Coaching the top Coaches:

Hundreds of coaches regularly take his advice on marketing, sales, and many other aspects of the business. Amplify Roadmap is built on strong pillars of Framework, Targeting, Positioning, Messaging, Building, Crafting, Authority, Omnipresence, Relevancy, Intimacy, Present, Convert, Deliver, Sales Methodology, Signature System, and Closing System.

Mastering these strong pillars of the framework, knowing how to target and to position oneself in front of the target audience & clarifying the message, offering crafting, building authority, omnipresence, being relevant, all these are essential in scaling a business successfully. Also, Intimacy is the key to lead generation and closing system by transforming prospects into happy clients by delivering the programs optimally is also vital.

Maru helps in getting organic leads for growing the reputation and business:

He suggests people to make sure that they have an attractive offer in place which promises to solve the issues of the target audience and compels clients to believe and trust them with the offer. He says that people must focus on organic lead generation. And if they are already struggling, they must not go for paid advertisements. Win leads organically and naturally and then start with paid traffic.

Lastly, he recommends people to close higher-paying clients and to make sure that they have an airtight-qualifying process in place and a robust framework to use on their sales appointments to guide them to the close.

Follow this intelligent mind and powerhouse of talent on Instagram: @theaashishmaru

Website: https://aashishmaru.com

Aashish Maru Digital

[email protected]


SOURCE: Jigar Saraswat

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