CloutMedia Marketing Underscores Importance of Social Media Marketing Today

CloutMedia Marketing

CloutMedia Marketing Underscores Importance of Social Media Marketing Today

Monday, June 29, 2020 10:03 AM

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2020 / CloutMedia Marketing, a Brisbane-based social media marketing and development company that works to help clients grow their social media accounts, is providing educational content related to the potential and power of social media reach and engagement today.

With recent studies confirming that social media has become largely pervasive not only in everyday life, but in also shaping mass media rhetoric, and therefore, our thoughts, CloutMedia underlined that through social media, brands can completely change their customer engagement metrics.

"Interaction with customers is one of the best ways to build relationships and trust, and thus returning customers," said Elijiah Pitman, founder of @funnysgod and CEO of CloutMedia Marketing. "Social media is perfect for this, and it's relatively easy to get started."

As the 'social media phenomenon' spreads around the world, it is now understood that these social apps can significantly impact a firm's reputation, sales, and even survival. Leveraging the power of conversation, identity, sharing, presence, reputation, grouping, and relationships, social media is able to take internet information, and embed it as part of someone's personal fabric.

While this phenomenon takes root, some of the following benefits are witnessed for all participating brands and businesses:

- Increased overall brand awareness: billions of people are on social media every single day looking for content that reaffirms their personal wants and beliefs. Simply being on social media makes it easier for these potential buyers to find a business.

- Brand humanization: today's consumers do not trust a brand until they see real-world proof that the brand is actually keeping its promises.

- Thought leader publication: social media provides businesses with a way to establish themselves as "thought leaders" in their particular niche. Since 63% of people trust technical experts, whereas only 42% trust businesses, positioning a brand as an expert will change the trajectory of the company.

- Increased web traffic: Social media posts, fleeting content, boosted posts, and advertisements are all excellent ways to drive traffic to a website. Sharing blogs, participating in social chats, like the weekly #HootChat on Twitter, and offering free downloadable content will increase website sales.

- Influencer partnerships: the world of influencer marketing is here to stay, considering that 20 to 50% of purchases are driven by word of mouth marketing today. Social media is the best place to leverage influencers that can recommend a brand or product.

"It's possible to work with startup businesses and reap the benefits of a social media presence, with proven results," said Pitman. "All business owners who feel scared or intimidated by the world of social media need to embrace it this year. That's where CloutMedia can help."

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