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Nicholas Gerace Examines Mental Health Toll Stemming from Social Distancing

Friday, 26 June 2020 08:14

In a recent discussion, Nicholas Gerace, a passionate life coach, observed the mental health effects that are a consequence of social distancing and shared practical advice that can help thwart such obstacles

LATHAM, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2020 / Nicholas Gerace served in the United States Army for the full extent of his career, having ascended the ranks en route to retirement at Hunter Army Airfield. Now specializing in child psychology and a life coach, he is sincere in his efforts of integrating these lessons into his daily life while also aspiring to act as a leader both personally and professionally.

Nicholas has revealed common mental struggles experienced by those who are trapped in social distancing precautions and determines a few crucial steps that can be beneficial in overcoming these setbacks.

Fear and Apprehension

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, anxiety has been soaring throughout the public consciousness, as the coronavirus has a significant infection rate, is capable of surviving on surfaces for a few days, and has symptoms that can unknowingly spread from person to person. Although severe threats of this type do warrant social distancing parameters to be incorporated, people are rightfully concerned about conducting their essential tasks, such as going to the grocery store for food and supplies. Line-ups in front of a store and the unusually empty shelves only amplify the level of anxiety felt by all.

Depression and Boredom

Daily routines and hobbies are currently on the backburner, with COVID-19 forcing the majority of people to sit tight, remain patient, and only engage in the most necessary of outdoor movements, Nicholas Gerace states. Many are in the midst of layoffs or furloughs and children are continuing their education through online means. Every day seems to present a number of unsavory questions. What are the enjoyable options, if any, available? How will you maintain a sound mind and body through these experiences? When will a return to normality be near? Seclusion and a lack of choices to utilize the abundance of free time, has led to depression and boredom, overwhelming plenty of people.

A Mix of Unhealthy Emotions

Exasperation, irritation, frustration, regardless of how you describe your present state of mind, chances are that you have felt negative emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicholas Gerace says. Our agitation, due to the surrendering of our control and habitual preferences, has stirred up confrontations, whether they are internal or directed towards others. What's more worrisome, these behavioral tendencies can arise in almost any circumstances. Perhaps you lost your temper while waiting in a particularly lengthy queue or when noticing the authorities enforcing social distancing measures. With limitations and restrictions established, it is inevitable for people to occasionally lash out, verbally or physically, even if these emotions are uncharacteristic.

Potential Solutions

Staying Connected

Social distancing might prevent you from directly contacting your friends and family members, but, thanks to technological innovations, you can still organize group gatherings and conversations, Nicholas Gerace says. In addition to the old-fashioned calls or text messages, there is an array of applications that provide video conferencing alternatives, many of which are simple to navigate and free to download. Ensure that you frequently reach out to your friends and family, because it will momentarily distract you from the present circumstances relating to COVID-19 and support your mental health.

Commit to Activity

Despite the closing of gyms and social distancing parameters standing in the way of team sports, you possess the power to complete solo activities. Bike riding, jogging, walking, and rollerblading, for example, will preserve a strengthened mentality and bring you a notable amount of happiness, all while following the COVID-19 guidelines. Generally, exercise is a colossal boost to one's mood, making it absolutely critical that we consistently work out our bodies via cardiovascular routines, weightlifting, or a combination of the two. Try to venture outdoors for these activities as often as possible too, especially when the sun is beaming.

Control What You Can, says Nicholas Gerace

Finally, it is of the utmost importance to manage life in the areas that have not been totally seized from your control. Do this by creating realistic expectations, acknowledging the situation in a constructive manner, and avoiding excessive exposure to the news cycle. On the alternative, illogical side, pursuing unattainable goals, displaying clear-cut ignorance, and being consumed by every media update will only damage your spirit. Aspects of these circumstances, and how draining they become over the coming months, will be decided by your attitude and your approach, says Nicholas Gerace.


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SOURCE: Nicholas Gerace

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