Keenan Williams -: How This Entrepreneur Went From Making $600 A Week To Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business


Keenan Williams -: How This Entrepreneur Went From Making $600 A Week To Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Friday, June 26, 2020 3:00 AM

CALIFORNIA CITY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2020 / Keenan Williams has a very inspirational story that can serve as a motivation to us all.

Williams is the Founder of Ko Elixir, a skincare company which produces stretch marks and cellulite reduction creams. Since launching nearly two years ago his company has dominated Instagram promotion which has resulted in impressive success for his business.

The path to entrepreneurship was not an easy one for Williams. In 11th grade he dropped out of highschool to financially support his newborn daughter. After working a string of retail positions for nearly a decade, he landed a job selling womens skincare products as a sales coordinator at an affiliate marketing company.

"I had no experience selling skincare products prior to taking that job. I was struggling at first to understand the market but I am a fast learner. I quickly understood the needs of my customers and what they wanted from their products." Says, Williams.

Keenan Williams worked with the company for over a year while learning everything he could about the skincare industry. After a payment dispute with his employer that resulted in his payments being delayed for a little over 3 months, he saw an opportunity to venture out in business for himself.

"I knew I wanted to create a great cellulite and stretch marks reduction cream that customers would love. I did not have a degree in business or chemesity so I had to do twice the work and research, research and research. I asked so many questions and tested many products on my family and close friends." Shares, Williams.

In August 2018, Williams launched his skincare brand, Ko Elixir from his apartment. In the beginning it was a little doubtful as he struggled with trusting himself and his decisions.

After a tactical marketing plan and positive customer feedback, 6 months later Ko Elixir was a huge success.

"It was touch and go and first because I kept doubting myself. In our first 6 months of business, we made over one million dollars in revenue. In the past month, we made one million in 30 days and we are currently on track to make 8 figures this year." States, Keenan Williams.

The skincare industry is consistently growing and is estimated to be worth nearly $190 billion by2025. Over 95% of Williams customer base are women which he attributes to the effectiveness of his products.

"Most of my customer base are women. It was vital for me to help them meet their skincare needs. It was always my top priority when formulating Ko Elixir products. My products have helped my customers reach their skincare goals. It is important to me to continue to provide excellent customer service while delivering top quality skin care products." Says, Williams.

Due to his highly impressive success, Keenan Williams launched a monthly program to teach members the step-by-step process he used in business and marketing called, "Skip to 7 figures".

For more information about Ko Elixir you can visit their website or their instagram page


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