Blaux Portable AC Reviewed by FactsChronicle, Revealing Important Information
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Blaux Portable AC Reviewed by FactsChronicle, Revealing Important Information

Thursday, June 25, 2020 11:05 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2020 / FactsChronicle, a tech blog has reviewed a new portable AC by Blaux. The makers of Blaux Portable AC have designed this unique product to supply their users with an enjoyable, steady stream of cool and refreshing air for a literal ten cents on the dollar deal. FactsChronicle in its review discusses everything one needs to know before buying it.

Blaux Portable AC serves multiple functions and is allegedly intended to work as a cooler, humidifier as well as an air purifier.

This multifunctional machine comes in a compact size, which makes it very easy to be carried around indoors to the place of liking. The inherent carry handle in its design enhances the functionality of this light weight portable air conditioner and further assists its movement between different spots within a living space.

The designers of Blaux Portable Air Conditioners have premeditated these personal air conditioners to provide multiple benefits to their users.

First and foremost, these rechargeable air conditioners allow long term money savings on utility bills to all their buyers. With global warming bringing more severe weather patterns, and structural changes in organizations increasing job insecurities, a cost savvy option like Blaux AC is a much-welcomed revolution.

These cooling machines only require a one-time purchase money to be paid, without any hidden charges or payments that would dig a hole in the pockets of interested buyers. Even the Type-C cables required to charge these air conditioners come in handy with their purchase, without inflicting any extra costs on the buyers.

The rechargeable battery used in the structure of Blaux Portable AC allegedly has a cooling capacity for hours, allowing it to be used overnight for a relaxed sleep, or in the kitchen to tolerate the increased temperatures during cooking. For further convenience, the developers of the Blaux desktop air conditioners have used adjustable louvers in their product to allow users to appreciate flashes of cool air in the preferred direction.

A prolonged cooling capacity allows the users of Blaux AC to smartly plan their budget because they are able to divert their money from going into the bottomless pit of electric companies towards other worthy targets like renovations, savings, education etc.

With most outdoor options like offices, malls and shopping centers shut-down due to the global pandemic, most people are forced to stay indoors in the hot summer days. This increased concentration of people within a compact living space certainly increases the need to purify the air. Every single individual has their own set of bacteria and germs which they release into the indoor environment while breathing, sweating, coughing etc.

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To address this problem, Blaux Portable ACs have used changeable water curtains in their efficient filters that remove pollen, dust, allergens and bacteria floating around the indoor air. These easy to clean and reusable water curtains can also be bought separately from the official website of Blaux Portable Air Conditioners once they reach the end of their functional lifespan.

Another attractive feature of these personal air-conditioners is their easily understandable operation. All buyers can change the functionality of these fans from an air conditioner to a fan, to a humidifier by following simple steps explained clearly in the user manual attached with the purchase package.

The high capacity water tank that needs to filled before turning on the machine is also very user-friendly and does not require a lot of effort. This makes it suitable for use by senior citizens as well who want to avoid technological hassles as much as they can.

As mentioned earlier, in not so hot temperatures, Blaux Portable Air Conditioners can be altered to work as a fan, allowing users to select the airspeed that's most comforting to them. The three varying air speed settings are programmed to create a very low rhythmic sound, unlike the obnoxious loud noises created by traditional fans.

This promotes undisrupted sleep patterns for both adults and children alike. The air humidifying feature is also an added plus for the product, which helps it to provide relief to patients of congested sinuses, specially in the allergy season.

Some users of Blaux Portable AC have also registered their liking for the fascinating mood lighting incorporated into the design of these personal air conditioners. According to them, this feature has allowed them to relax and enjoy some intimate moments in the soothing cool air that surely uplifts their mood.

Blaux Portable ACs are becoming increasingly popular among the masses due to their various distinctive features. These high-quality air conditioners offer durability, allow cost savings, and provide comfort at very affordable prices.

Currently Blaux Portable ACs are available at different prices and can be easily bought for use by every single individual a household.

Prospective buyers can purchase a single unit of these air conditioners for $89.99, 2 units for $179.98, 3 units for $202.48 and 4 units for $247.47.

These prices do not make even a fraction of the cost of the electricity bills that individuals would have had to pay otherwise to survive in the hot summer weather. For making some instant savings, all interested buyers are recommended to make a smart choice right now and benefit from the 50% off discount offered currently on all purchases of Blaux Portable AC.

As a final concession for their valued customers, Blaux Portable AC also offers a 30-day hundred percent money back guarantee on all purchases, which acts as an added monetary security for them.

To sum up the entire review, Blaux Portable Air Conditioners can be considered a good catch for their price bundles and the set of benefits that are condensed into this compact personal air conditioner. For more information on the product, their ordering and shipping details,

For more information, Visit blaux Portable AC Official Website.

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