INK Games(TM) Builds the First Platform to Give Millions of Gamers and Influencers Their Cut of the $150Bn Space
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INK Games(TM) Builds the First Platform to Give Millions of Gamers and Influencers Their Cut of the $150Bn Space

Monday, June 15, 2020 9:37 AM
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IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2020 / INK Games™️, the gaming branch of tech start-up InfluenceInk, Inc, has capped their highly-coveted closed beta at 3,000. After officially launching development earlier this year, the flagship Tracking & Payment Engine that defines the platform is already paying out Players on a bi-weekly basis. Of the 471k that the company has brought in over the past few months, 209k has been redistributed right back to its user-base.

Using a novel "gamified" approach to user participation, INK Games becomes the first company to offer virtual territory ownership inside a growing game platform - with users at the center of the build. The INK Zip Codes are limited-edition, virtual assets that mirror real world areas. Each one represents ownership inside the virtual world and are the base layer of the platform's economy.

By owning zip & postal codes, users will be able to monetize specific locations and earn revenue for every transaction and in-game activity that takes place inside their territory. They are also eligible for in-game bonuses, merchandise and other exclusive rewards.

"The INK Games platform is underpinned by a tracking and payment engine," said InfluenceInk Founder and CEO, Robert Towles. "We have a world-class, Emmy Award-nominated team building a variety of features for the platform. Your location in the world determines where and how each purchase is shared with the economy of the platform. Zip code owners bridge real-world and virtual economies, monetizing the game activities and interactions inside the territories they own."

INK Games is free to join, and both premium and free-to-play games will be supported. After purchasing zip codes, territory owners will be able to monitor the economic progress of their territory and invite others to participate.

Going forward, InfluenceInk's President, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder, Josh Gause sees an ever-expanding digital universe, with distinct zip code territories and owners, as the basis for all future game titles.

"Our vision is for multiple gameplay experiences running in a virtual universe, with zip code owners having a stake in the map. As the gameplay, user base and activities expand, zip code owners' revenue potential will also expand."

INK Games leads the movement of letting users and influencers monetize their social reach and control digital assets, much like a real estate investor in a virtual world.

"Ultimately, our library of games and user interest within the ecosystem will create a supply and demand driven marketplace. Eventually, owners will buy, sell or trade territories, creating a digital extension of a real-world economy," explained Gause.

About INK Games

INK Games targets gamers, online users, and social influencers. The company is building a brand new platform where users can "buy" territories in the form of postal codes, which represent ownership in the platform's gaming universe. As the company builds games - and releases other titles to the platform - territory owners will earn based on the activities, users, and assets inside their postal codes.

The company is inviting developers to release their games on our platform that's backed by our revolutionary Tracking and Payment Engine. Our shared economy will redistribute portions of every purchase made among the buyers online circle.

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Organization Name: INK Games
Contact Name: Robert Towles
Address: 400 Spectrum Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618, United States
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (503) 966-4993


INK Games™
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