Parth Shah's Croyez Management: The Next Big Thing in E-Commerce Marketing

Croyez Management

Parth Shah's Croyez Management: The Next Big Thing in E-Commerce Marketing

Saturday, June 6, 2020 9:50 AM

After achieving the 3-peat of mega-successful brand launches in the month of May, Croyez Management is poised to become the go-to full-service digital agency for e-commerce brand owners across North America and Europe.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2020 / There's no denying that e-commerce is the future of retail and it is still in its infancy. Considering its mammoth potential, an increasing number of brand owners are adopting this model. But for an e-commerce brand to be successful, there are three crucial things that need to be factored in: having a unique voice, being well-positioned on the market, and creating systems that cultivate brand loyalty.

This is where Croyez Management has been able to leave a mark of its own. It has been able to house all the essentials for an e-commerce brand under one roof while maintaining a cent percent track record of mind-boggling ROIs. Today, we catch up with the founder and owner of Croyez Management, Parth Shah, to know more about his life, aspirations, and how he has managed to get Croyez in a league of its own.


Croyez Management is a full-service digital agency that as its tagline says, builds tomorrow's brands today! The primary service offerings include web development, app development, social media marketing, influencer marketing, graphic design, video editing, and customer support. Croyez helps to set-up and scale e-commerce brands from scratch and is also pioneering the future of brand loyalty. It has leveraged the reach of influencer marketing and combined it with the power of hyper-targeted ads to bring in some of the most stupendous results the industry has ever seen. By stupendous, we mean $2.8 million in sales and the entire product lines sold within 24 hours of the launch on three occasions in one single month. The next thing on Croyez's agenda is to capitalize on the increasing market demand for a new-age end to end marketing agency.


Parth graduated from George Brown College in Toronto at 19. He came back to India in 2017. When asked about the purpose behind his return, here's what he said. "Well, there were a few reasons here and there, but there was one reason that proved to be decisive. At the end of my first year in Canada, I came to India to spend the summer break with my family. During that time, my parents and I went to an eatery where we served food to some underprivileged children and their families. I sat down and had a conversation with those kids. Going to school and studying just like everyone their age was a distant thought to them. They were caught up in figuring whether they'll get something to eat the next day or not. That thing stayed with me and that's when I decided that I need to come back. The dream is to give these kids the childhood they deserve without ever having to wonder where their next meal would come from."

After moving back to India, Parth worked in a digital agency for a few months before deciding to move on and start something of his own. He tried a few things from dropshipping to day-trading, gave it his all, but none of those worked out. One thing led to another and after months of research on the emerging industries, Parth founded Croyez Management. He started out by offering social media marketing services to his clients but with strong references and increasing demands for a lot of other services, Parth revamped Croyez Management into a full-service digital agency. He's now leading a team of global experts mostly based out of North America while overseeing the operations and focusing on expanding the clientele. Through all this, Parth was always backed and supported immensely by his parents, who he believes are the reason he has been able to accomplish whatever he has until this point. From his initial four business ideas falling flat to finally find his calling and taking the North American e-commerce industry by storm at the age of 22, Parth's journey to date is awe-inspiring, to say the least.


Like most other businesses, Croyez was also affected at the beginning of February due to Covid-19. The local businesses in the US had to shut down which is why the marketing campaigns of Croyez's Real Estate and Gym clients had to be paused. The influencer marketing projects had to be cancelled. While most businesses would accept this as their fate and wait for a few months, Parth and his team saw potential and ramped up their outreach for acquiring e-commerce clients. As Parth likes to put it, they simply followed the flow of money. This turned out to be a major win as Croyez didn't only acquire clients but also delivered unbelievable results in the ongoing quarter. A testament to Parth's true entrepreneurial spirit.


Croyez practices the client-first approach in its true sense. Speaking on this, Parth said, "I believe in letting go of short-terms gains in order to build long-term trust. We've at times turned down client requests to provide a certain service that we offer and pointed them in the right direction to invest that money in another aspect of their brand. We sure lose out on some money for the time being, but this gives the brand a better chance at growing and longevity. This is very important, especially when a brand is just starting out." Needless to say, Parth and Croyez have been able to nurture some very valuable connections by treating the brands of their clients as their very own.


We asked Parth about his take on the never-ending debate about whether an e-commerce brand should be selling on Amazon or not. Here are his insights. "Of course they should. Amazon accounts for 47% of online spending in the US. But if Amazon is the only place they're selling their products, they need to reconsider their structure big time. At the end of the day, Amazon is a marketplace where customers have options to choose between a brand and its competitors. The best thing a brand can do is to have their own online store and mobile app, and build an army of loyal customers who wouldn't purchase from anywhere else. This way, they're in complete control of their pricing, promotions, and policies. Amazon should only account for a fraction of the brand's sales if any."


Diving deep into Parth's purpose of returning to India, we wanted to understand the vision that he has in mind to help the underprivileged kids in his city. "The long-term plan is to purchase land in a good suburb of the city and build multiple quarters where the kids and their families can stay. We're in talks with a few schools at the moment in order to see how we can pull the strings together. Besides this, we plan to have a few coaches from different fields to come at that place and sharpen the talents that these kids might have. They deserve to have a platform to express themselves and pursue whatever their heart says. Finally, a weekly session where we bring in volunteers who can explain to the kids the importance of hygiene, consent, inclusivity, and any other topic that can be a positive addition to their lives. We have a very long way to go but we've started taking baby steps. We're going to do whatever it takes to make this a reality."


A young Indian entrepreneur who has the North American industry buzzing through his immaculate vision and incredible work-ethic is just one of those things that can get your adrenaline pumping. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, before we wrapped everything up, we asked one piece of advice that Parth has when it comes to establishing a business. To this he replied, "I feel it's too early for me to advise anything to anyone really. But something that I've learned from my dad and I firmly believe in when it comes to building something of your own, is that after a certain age, experience trumps education. Unless you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or anything that requires a set number of years and a specific qualification, of course. Start early in whatever you're passionate about, understand the dynamics of your industry, and with time and honest hard work, things will fall in place. Have faith, take the leap, and back it up. It's totally worth it."

With some very exciting projects lined up for the rest of 2020, Croyez Management and Parth Shah are well on their way to help several brands hit the ground running and further stamp their authority in the industry.

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