Sanim Sam Matin To Lead Florida's Economic Redevelopment Team in An Attempt to Rebuild Southeast USA Amid COVID-19

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Sanim Sam Matin To Lead Florida's Economic Redevelopment Team in An Attempt to Rebuild Southeast USA Amid COVID-19

Friday, June 5, 2020 6:45 AM

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2020 / The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive havoc across the world, with the United States of America being the worst affected country. Apart from placing a massive burden on the health infrastructure, the pandemic has also had immense economic implications. Hundreds of businesses, especially the small and medium ones, across the US have shut down due to lack of operational costs, and almost 39 million Americans have filed for unemployment. This is arguably the worst statistics recorded since the dreaded financial crisis in 2008.

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To fight this, the State of Florida has formed an economic re-development board, to be led by Sanim Sam Matin. Under direction from President Donald Trump, The newly formed board will report to Secretary Steven Terner Mnuchin. Sam will be given the opportunity to add community leaders and currently is reviewing candidates to join the committee. The main goal of the committee will be to systematically approach economic re-development in the Southeast USA - primarily in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

About Sanim Sam Matin

Sanim Sam Main has a credible background in working for various finance-related roles across multiple industries. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance & Masters in Finance from the University of Florida, he has served multiple organizations in various roles. The most prominent ones are - Chief Financial Officer at MXB Group, Director of Finance at Marketopia, and Controller for one of the largest IT Firms in Tampa Bay Area called Data Tech. The Tampa Bay Journals nominated Sam for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019 as the CFO of the year and 40 under 40. Sam also sits on the board for the University of South Florida's Business School which is the second largest University in the state.

Jimmy Patronis, Treasurer of the state of Florida, "I have known Sam since I took chair. Sam has been known to me as a professional with strong negotiation skills and exceptional problem-solving abilities. It is fair to say that Sam has a perfect balance of relevant financial understanding, credibility, people skills, and intellectual ability to lead an economic re-development team in these difficult times. It will be my pleasure to work with him."

Most SMEs in the USA face a major hurdle in capital investment, as a result of which they do not have the buffer to sustain themselves in the wake of economic disasters.

Sam has laid down a set of specific goals for the committee to build for the economic redevelopment in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. He opined that the identification of SMEs in trouble and the ones that can contribute to the process of rebuilding would be the key. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Fed Chair Jerome Powell appeared via remote internet feed before the Senate Banking committee on Tuesday to provide the first quarterly update on implementation of the CARES Act, which along with a follow up bill formed the signature $2.9 trillion legislative response to the pandemic. The newly founded economic redevelopment committee is a part of this bill.

"I want to start off by thanking our President Mr. Donald Trump and Secretary Mnuchin, I think you have acted quickly and swiftly with good measure and for selecting me for this role. I look forward to identifying small and medium-sized businesses across Southeast USA, and strategically understand their financial situation - the impact that the pandemic has had on their businesses from a financial standpoint. My immediate goal is to identify and assist in the distribution of the COVID-related government allocated funds to these businesses so that they can at least keep paying salaries to their employees, and continue regular operations by adhering to the restriction guidelines. I am extremely proud to be a part of this rebuild, and more excited for the economy. - Sanim Sam Matin

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of any economy. The current circumstances have affected these businesses, as a result of which the economy as a whole has suffered. The economic redevelopment team under Mr. Sanim Sam Matin, who is a seasoned finance professional will have a major role to play in helping the USA rebuild itself from the distress it is currently suffering from.

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