5 Tips for the Second Half of 2020; With Jason Brown

Jason Brown

5 Tips for the Second Half of 2020; With Jason Brown

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 5:35 PM

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2020 / Coming out of a few months of adversity can be stressful for some and exciting for others. It's been a crazy few months, to say the least, but the year 2020 still has a second half ready to be written.

Here are 5 things Jason Brown thinks can help you really crush your goals in the second half of 2020, projecting yourself towards success into the new year, that'll be here before we know it.

Be ready and eager: So much opportunity comes after an adverse situation occurs. Some of my best breakthroughs have come after massive breakdowns. I believe there are two types of people coming into this new season, the eager and the empty. Make sure you are eager for opportunity, eager for new friendships, eager for new doors to swing open. They will be there if you are eager and you will find your next breakthroughs. If you're not eager, then well you will find yourself empty.

Be wise: Spend less time on things that do not propel you forward and less time with people who are holding you back. Wisdom will prove key in this next chapter. When people think and act with their emotions, they often miss an opportunity for positioning because they are too busy spinning out of control. Have posture. One thing I will tell you that helps, I personally do not watch the news, I prefer leadership material, scripture, and personal development.

Be consistent: This has always been #1 for me and always will be at that. Consistency is so important. In fact, it's basically everything. Why? Because most people will not. So when you are, you gain credibility in any marketplace or vertical. Consistency is what lead to my results today, I struggled for 3 years, but the following 4 have been incredible.

Become innovative: What is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow; especially in this ever-changing, rapidly evolving world. Now is the best time for people to step up and recreate, innovate, and shake up the decade-old industry's. Think of things or businesses that have been successful for a long time... is it innovating with time and technology? If the answer is no... maybe that's your shot. Honestly, that's why I have focused my time and finances on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and day trading because with trading in those arenas you can adapt to any economic situation, work from anywhere in the world and take advantage of rising and falling markets (Now that's powerful). So no matter what happens with the economy, there will still be opportunities to make an income with these skillsets.

Be courageous: You have a voice if you're reading this, you have a voice please do not be afraid to use it, but one thing to remember is there is a difference between courageous and cocky (no one likes deliberate ego) so don't use it to show off, to compare or to fight hate with hate, evil with evil, envy with envy. Your words are so powerful, use your voice, and don't be afraid to be courageous. If someone has hurt you, be courageous and forgive them or open the table for it, that's courage, courage is starting your charity, courage is establishing a real why, courage also is dreaming big. In business, courage is simple and it's nearly everything, courage is a degree of belief.


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