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Xander Neff, the Size of the Man

Friday, 29 May 2020 10:30 AM

SUMMERSVILLE, WV / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2020 / We decided to catch up with Xander Neff to find out some of his fans burning questions about his experiences with his agency XK Luxury LLC., let's begin.

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We started out by asking Xander how he differentiates himself from his competition. He responded by stating that he stands out not only from the size of the man, as he is standing at 6ft6 and 245lbs, but by his amazing ability to produce the best content possible. He consistently makes sure to only get better and better, never settling for anything less than the best.

Next, we wanted to know if Xander has experience with having to turn down potential clients in the past. Yes, Xander has turned down opportunities that have presented themselves to him as he has a clear vision for what content and material his company and himself feel confident in supporting. This vision helps him to only produce the elite level of content. Xander says that he refuses to put his name behind any material or advertisement that is not up to his standards of being one of the best modeling agencies that the world has ever seen.

We were curious if Xander had ever previously failed at a business attempt and he let us know that he has never failed in business, he has never made a mistake or put himself in a situation that he hadn't already planned for or in that he didn't already have a plan to make moves and adjustments to continue on with his plan. He did so with continued success by following his three important fundamental steps. These three steps being to have a constructed vision, a plan that involves problem-solving, and the ability to execute said plans.

On the flip-side, we asked Xander what his greatest success has been. Xander's greatest success comes from his ability, thanks to being in an elite group of soldiers. This was a job with huge responsibilities to remain positive and keep your head up with anything and everything that comes along in life. As with a positive mindset and eyes looking ahead the only place you or your company can move is forward.

We asked Xander to give us more information about his business. Xander had just opened his new company XK Luxury LLC which will open doors for all those involved in larger opportunities with networking in modeling, fashion, and commercial advertising. In the future, he plans to have numerous partnerships with influencers, companies, and content creators across all social media platforms.

Xander lives every day as if it's the beginning of the weekend with a smile on his face grateful for every day. He doesn't believe in planning for the far future as he lives in the present and tomorrow isn't promised. He doesn't want to waste any of his valuable time planning for a future that may change tomorrow. "Live in the moment you're only here today."

At one point he was paralyzed from the waist down and was told by everyone that he would never be able to walk again but in a miraculous turn of events, he proved everyone wrong and was able to walk once again. Following this he joined the army and bad luck came his way again when he injured his leg and needed knee surgery leading to his honorable discharge and once again beat all odds and healed right up. It was as if he was never injured before, you would never be able to tell by looking at him and what he does.

If Xander were to be remembered for anything, it would be for his compelling story of facing every David and Goliath challenge that came his way and coming out on top every time. He's always had a smile on his face motivating and inspiring others to never give up no matter how difficult or challenging life gets. Anything worth attaining or dreaming about is worth putting in all the work for. Handouts and shortcuts create lazy minded people, it's the hard workers who never give up who end up creating legacy's that will always be remembered.

This inspiring entrepreneur is a role model to many with over 200,000 people following him across all social media platforms. He uses these platforms to spread positive messages that help to encourage all who care to take a read. To get involved in Xander's community of dedicated fans, click here


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SOURCE: Highkey Agency

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