Company's Launch Amidst Pandemic Proves That an Entrepreneurial Mindset Is the Key to Success

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Company's Launch Amidst Pandemic Proves That an Entrepreneurial Mindset Is the Key to Success

Friday, May 29, 2020 7:45 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2020 / GreenSupply, a health and wellness product company that "aims to improve the lives of its customers," launched in what can arguably be considered the most tumultuous economic climate of the century. Yet, thanks to CEO and Founder Chad Horstman's entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in the ecommerce space, the new business was able to not only launch, but to do so successfully, while leaving a lasting positive impression on its growing customer base. GreenSupply's agility and ability to put employees and consumers before profits, highlights the importance of doing "good" business, especially in hard times.

Q: What is your current mission with GreenSupply?

A: Our mission is to help people stay safe and healthy during this pandemic, which we're doing by offering pretty much the lowest prices on the market. Initially, our pivot to providing masks, hand sanitizer, and other sought-after safety products, felt more like a patriotic duty, which is why we were operating at a non-profit basis for the first few months.

Q: What changes has Green Supply undergone amidst COVID-19?

A: Our whole business model changed due to the lockdown, but it ended up working out. Because we are able to respond quicker than our competitors to demands in the market, we can get sold out products and otherwise neglected goods to our customers. An example of this was the addition of hair clippers to our site, which were so hard to find online, but we saw a need, acted fast, and made it happen. We've also adopted a work-from-home distribution model during the quarantine to prioritize the safety of our employees.

Q: What are the key products your consumers and fans to recognize you for?

A: Our Green Supply-brandedhand sanitizer and our KN95 masks, right now. Although some of our current products might be transitioned out post-COVID, our hand sanitizer will stay as a key product, and allow us to transition into more ‘green' cleaning products. Also, our original business plan of offering natural supplements and CBD products is finally happening next month, which is a key aspect of GreenSupply-clean and natural products.

Q: What is the unique selling point (USP), that sets Green Supply apart from others in the industry? And how will this USP disrupt your industry?

A: Our branding and website definitely stand out from our competition. And our level of customer service and competitive pricing is a big differentiator. Also, our ability to be nimble, quick, and provide top-quality products in response to customer demand is unparalleled. Moving forward post-COVID, these are key aspects of our business that we will continue focusing on.


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