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Wise to the Future, LTG Shocks the World

Wednesday, 27 May 2020 03:40 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / The advent of the Internet era enables the development of big data usher in explosive growth, however, when we enjoy the convenience, we also bear a lot of risks. It is often lamented that this is an era of nudity without privacy, the advent of Internet crawlers, human flesh search and other means puts people's lives under a variety of microscopes, and economic fraud reports because of the disclosure of information are also common.

However, science and technology lead the development of the times, where there are problems, there are countermeasures!

To this end, LTG has brought together the world's top talents in blockchain, 5G, digital assets and other fields, linked various resources, inventively designed the "blockchain + 5G + data storage" three-in-one ecological model, and built a complete ecosystem based on the physical data storage business to serve the public.

LTG, Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Press release picture

LTG's initiative to redefine the secure utility of data storage is an open-source public chain that the Kyrgyzstan LTG Foundation has invested heavily and has been successfully developing for more than a year. LTG uses blockchain and 5G and other high-techs to record and store the data produced by the participants of the Internet of Things in the whole society, and creates a brand-new data generation and application ecology with blockchain technology as the core, so as to improve the value of the data itself and improve the data base space.

LTG blockchain storage technology is a fragmented and multi-backup repair technology to decentralize storage; and therefore, the uploaded video, pictures, and files are more private. And LTG distributed server network disk cloud storage supports government cloud, enterprise cloud, medical cloud, personal information and other cloud storage applications.

Based on the development of existing cloud storage technology, LTG has made a lot of innovations, fully combined with cloud computing and 5G technology. In the future, it will realize the edge storage closer to users, users can store the file data on the nearest node by point-to-point method, and without the central server, zero distance to users can also be realized so that the speed will be the fastest no matter for uploading files or extracting files. With AI intelligent system, each hard disk space can be allocated efficiently by LTG, and the flexibility of cloud computing and time space can be realized. Meanwhile, through the block map, LTG can query the distribution of your stored information in the mining machine.

LTG has completed the encryption of information transmission, information permanence and data storage and interoperability. It is committed to providing a secure, convenient, efficient and stable distributed data storage solution for the public, creating an all-round new ecology of data storage, connecting digital currency with the real world through blockchain, enriching the application scenarios of 5G technology and data storage, and promoting its service to commercial progress and social development.

This is LTG. This is just the beginning! As 5G and blockchain technology spread, LTG is expected to realize "Internet of Everything", construct a digital social and economic environment, and realize the ecological vision of "co-construction, co-ownership, interconnection and intercommunication"!


Erkaiym Bai


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