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The Blockchain Equipment Experts - Rapidly Expands Technology Into New States

Thursday, 28 May 2020 09:07 AM


AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / The cutting edge Blockchain, specialized equipment experts, fondly known as the Company that created THE SECRET SAUCE that delivers monthly payments to clients has expanded again. "This time it's even more exciting," remarked Josh Moore, NFN8 Media's CEO. "Just six months ago, I was proud to announce expansion into several additional cities in Texas, and now we have blown past that capacity and will begin placing our computer equipment in locations in new U.S. States in addition to Texas."

The sauce moniker was coined by a reporter who was impressed with the Company's unprecedented success in the new digital financial marketplace. "I guess you guys found the Secret Sauce," she exclaimed while interviewing Company Execs. This newest equipment will be housed in Marshall County, Kentucky. This 24/7 staffed and guarded facility has a huge electrical capacity with a substation located on the premises and a technical team certified in the equipment's monitoring and management.

In addition to this physical expansion, the Company is expanding scientifically. NFN8 Media is beginning to experiment with liquid immersion cooling for its specialized computer systems. The potential outcomes include plate heat exchangers, liquid dielectric coolants, and custom ASIC tanks. Liquid coolants reduce the need for fans and expensive computer room air conditioning units. Liquid cooling systems also reduce electricity consumption dramatically as well as pollution by noise, dust, and debris. This new type of technology increases the longevity of mining equipment while decreasing the cost of operating it. The Company will have more to announce on this front in the near future.

In the meanwhile, the Company continues to expand rapidly using its unique sale/leaseback transaction. Interested individuals have the chance to buy and own the same specified computer equipment that the Company owns and uses. The purchaser buys the computer system, receives a bill of sale, equipment list, and serial numbers. The Company procures and assembles the equipment, then loads it with software and places it in its ever-expanding U.S. based data center locations, right alongside the Company-owned equipment. The exciting part is that the same day the equipment is purchased by the individual, the Company arranges a five-year lease for the equipment. Everything is completely managed for the purchaser, who owns 100% of his/her equipment and receives a monthly lease payment. At the end of the lease, the equipment is purchased back at the same price paid originally. It is an entirely different business model than those of companies that are seeking to sell securities or raise money through traditional means. The unique sales lease/back concept allows the Company to grow without dilution or debt while giving individuals a chance to get involved in the Blockchain space without owning shares, notes, or the insecurity of owning individual cryptocurrencies. Leases have been in place for several years, and the Company has made all payments on time each month, delighting the equipment purchasers who are enjoying the benefits of the Secret Sauce.

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