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EUNION: Financial Crisis Caused By Global Epidemic, Call for More Cautiousness in Project Investment

Wednesday, 27 May 2020 12:30 PM

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / 2020 has been a difficult year. Affected by the new coronavirus, the global epidemic is raging, affecting almost all countries and regions. At this difficult moment, the unemployment rate remains high and expanding. The economy is now in total depression. Various industries and enterprises are facing huge survival challenges. Affected by the epidemic, the traditional import and export trade was forced to halt, large enterprises were forced to lay off their staffs or to cut the salaries, not to mention the SMEs, they are facing more difficulties, such as capital turnover and even on the verge of collapse. Work together to overcome difficulties, is no longer solely a slogan, but a credo of global consensus.

Eunion, Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Press release picture

However, facing the cruelty of the epidemic, Eunion trading team has submitted a satisfactory answer to all investors. Stable yields and accurate trading strategies have allowed Eunion's new transaction settlement model to lead the digital transformation of the financial industry along the way. So, how to seize high-quality investment opportunities in the severe epidemic situation? Eunion Trade, the world's top latest trading model, appeared in time and gave the answers.

Eunion Trade is independently developed by the Eunion technical team. Through a complex transaction clearing model, speed advantage, and accurate calculation model, Eunion Trade can quickly complete the settlement in the world's top 100+ leading digital currency exchanges. Eunion Trade can complete the clearing of digital currency in milliseconds and earn the profit, which guarantees the income of all investors, so the investors can obtain stable returns in each clearing transaction and enjoy the absolute safe and reasonable income. Currently, among the digital currency exchanges, Huobi Exchange's trading volume is at the top of the list, and Huobi Exchange is also Eunion's largest liquidator. Apart from that, being able to do clearing between 132 digital currency exchanges around the world at the same time, is believed to prove Eunion's advance in its technology and credibility in the industry. Facts have proved that in the past two years, more and more investors have joined Eunion and obtained stable income from it. Through the Eunion Trade model, investors' stable income can reach 25% or more per month. Eunion hopes that the stable income guarantee will protect everyone's wealth income from the negative impact of the epidemic and provide everyone with a good business opportunity.

Eunion, Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Press release picture

Co-founder cum CEO of Eunion, Mr. Stanley J. Becker said in a media interview recently: Eunion will, as always, keep up with the current development trend of global fintech, through practice and analysis, use high technology to enhance the core competitiveness in the clearing field, constantly upgrade and update trading strategies to create a more complete and intelligent clearing profit system, which will lead the digital transformation of the global financial industry in the world.

Mr. Stanley J. BECKER and all members of the Eunion team hope that everyone in the world can survive the epidemic safely, maintain good health and an optimistic attitude, and at the same time, choose a stable investment project based on the consideration of the living after the epidemic. Eunion team is a clearing expert dedicated to the field of digital finance. It is an investment channel that is worth investing and the income is guaranteed.

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