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Tyler Mackechnie is Helping Young Entrepreneurs Grow their Businesses with his Experience in Software & Marketing Solutions

Thursday, 21 May 2020 12:15 PM

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2020 / Small businesses started by rookie entrepreneurs have always been the backbone of the global economy! They also are still continuing to function in one way or the other.

However, starting a business and growing it into a successful one is not an easy job. Tyler Mackechnie is supporting amateur entrepreneurs by sharing his knowledge and experience, with an aim to transform their entrepreneurship dreams into a reality.

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Who is Tyler Mackechnie?

Tyler Mackechnie is a serial entrepreneur and at a young age of 26, he has already generated more than $20 million in sales across his multiple ventures. He started off by selling unlocked iPhones on eBay to people in China at the age of 14, and by the time he was 19, Tyler started in his first Network Marketing company.

Over the years, Tyler has owned and invested in several startups. Infact, he is also a Top Global leader in Multiple Marketing & Direct Sales Companies!

Though he is only 26, it is fair to say that Tyler Mackechnie has garnered a lot of entrepreneurial experience over the years. With that, he has now forayed into social entrepreneurship, to help ‘Entrepreneurs Find A More Efficient Way To Grow'.

Talking about how he is giving back to the community, Tyler said, ‘We give the public free education on entrepreneurship, give them the chance to work with us without requiring any fancy qualifications and no start up costs. Especially during these times where a lot of people are out of work and are wanting to learn new skills that put money in their pocket over the internet. We partner up and make them our affiliates, we teach them how to look presentable on social media, how to attract business and generate leads, how to speak, how to grow as a person and have the right mindset.'

He went on to add that several of his affiliates ended up starting their own companies and brands. Some of those he has mentored and coached have even become multi millionaires.

In an attempt to help amateur entrepreneurs with his experience and business understanding, Tyler provides personal coaching, and also makes himself available as a professional speaker at events and shows.

Tyler's focus on Social Entrepreneurship

While profitability is the core objective of any business, Tyler has the opinion that making a social difference along the way is extremely important to sustain success. Stressing on the difference between social entrepreneurs and for-profit business, he said that the ones who succeed actually focus on making an impact with the objective to become profitable at some point!

Talking about the trend of prominent business personalities adopting social entrepreneurship, Tyler stated, ‘It's just the way the world is moving, people want to see a face. People want to relate, it's not enough to just be a company anymore, you have to be a person. People buy from people, not companies.'

One of the main dilemmas in social entrepreneurship is having to choose between profit and social impact. Tyler puts it beautifully. He believes that money follows good deeds - ‘If your impact provides value, the money will always be there. Focus on the impact first, as you get better at it you'll make more money.'

He suggests young entrepreneurs learn the art of creating a great team and selling their vision to them. As more people work towards the same vision, it creates much more impact and helps to build a self-sustaining enterprise. - ‘I was able to learn this skill by joining a Network Marketing business when I was 18. It was inexpensive and taught me the right skills to build a team and have everyone work on the same vision.'

When asked about how governments could encourage social entrepreneurship, Tyler said that the huge amount of information available at our fingertips is enough to motivate entrepreneurs to make a social impact. However, he opined that schools and colleges should teach young minds to think creatively rather than mugging up unimportant information.

Traide Smart & Auvoria Prime - Tyler Mackechnie latest company and partnership

Tyler has recently launched Traide Smart, which specializes in pushing digital software solutions from Auvoria Prime to help the average person grow their wealth. Traide Smart Brand provides Education on various technology-backed Trading services to help people generate wealth in knowledge and life!
All in all, Traide Smart aims to help people become financially independent, through sharing the Platform Auvoria Prime has created for Customers and Affiliates~

Recently Tyler even accepted a Promotion from Auvoria Prime!

He is their Global Marketing Director and recently accepted to become their Advisor of Fintech Research and Development!

In short, he will be overseeing, testing and researching constant products and innovative solutions to help expand the ever growing Marketplace that Auvoria Prime is building!

Explaining Traide Smarts core vision, Tyler said, ‘We help teach them how to make money with us as a customer first, educate them on the financial markets, then we show them how to build a name for themselves, which allows them to have confidence to never have to rely on someone else to sign their paycheck. So for us we love partnering with Affiliate Models where they'd much rather pay money to people in a Sales Environment instead of just using advertising funds on Facebook Ads and other advertising platforms.'

Talking about how Traide Smart and Auvoria Prime is different from other brands , he explained how Auvoria Prime is diversified in terms of exploration in the technological space, rather than having a ‘one size fits all' approach. The company focuses on its customers' custom goals and helps them achieve those through technology-powered solutions. Tyler concluded, ‘We only focus on what is working now, not what worked 5 years, 10 years or forever ago. We're in the 21st century, and we act like it.'

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