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Gorilla Trades: Ken Berman's Journey to Becoming a Successful Investor and Entrepreneur

Tuesday, 19 May 2020 09:45 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2020 / Gorilla Trades is an online investing system and tool that provides individual investors a platform to invest on a level playing field with professionals. The company was founded in 1999 to identify the best stock picks to invest in at any given time, regardless of the overall market environment, with the greatest potential for explosive growth, while eliminating required research time.

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What Is Gorilla Trades?

In layman's terms, Gorilla Trades is a risk-controlled, mechanical system that consists of a specific exit strategy. This strategy includes upside performance targets and a stop level, which is supplied with every new, potential GorillaPick. By following the exit strategy, there is no guesswork involved. This is precisely what sets Gorilla Trades apart from its competition. The mechanism of Gorilla Trades is designed to make investing decisions quick and effortless.

About Ken Berman, the Founder

Ken Berman, the founder, launched Gorilla Trades in 1999 while he was working as a full-time stockbroker on Wall Street.

Ken Berman's initial infatuation with the buying and selling process in the stock market began in his middle school math class. His class was holding a contest, in which each student had to pick two equities and track their performance daily for eight weeks. Ken's picks at the time were Disney (DIS) and Polaroid. He won the contest, and it kick-started his interest in investing. After this, he took over his father's investment accounts and successfully grew them quickly. As a result, his father was able to retire before he reached the age of 50.

In the late '90s, Ken was working as a stockbroker for Smith Barney, which is now a part of Morgan Stanley. He later transferred to PaineWebber, which is now part of UBS. Ken was Vice President-Investments at both firms. It was then that he developed the algorithm for the Gorilla Trades platform.

This algorithm had the potential to identify those stocks that are primed to break out by using an amalgam of 14 technical indicators. It was at that very time that few known online brokerages had started providing low-cost solutions to investors. Knowing that investors were moving to online brokerages at a rapid pace, and leaving themselves void of professional guidance, it gave Ken the confidence to start his own company.

Ken Berman is now popularly known as "The Gorilla."

Gorilla Traders Journey to Success

In the eighteen months prior to launching his own company, Ken Berman had utilized the algorithm of the Gorilla Trades system to convert $250,000 of his personal savings into $5,500,000. This was the point when Ken Berman knew that he could realize stellar returns.

Ken initially took a small internet company, with an extremely basic website, which was housed on a laptop in his nephew's dorm room at Boston University, and grew Gorilla Trades to what it is today.

At the start, Ken struggled with gaining the trust of his first subscribers. He knew that it would take time and resources to gain their confidence and grow. Ken consistently improved his algorithm by continuously making tweaks, while offering his service for free to build brand awareness.

Twenty years later, this company now boasts subscribers in over 50 countries and has helped its investors profit in any market.

Why Choose Gorilla Trades?

Ken Berman learned early in life that gut feelings and financial markets do not go hand-in-hand. During his time as a stockbroker, he witnessed entirely rational individuals making biased investment decisions that were purely based on fear and greed. For this very reason, he designed the Gorilla Trades system to manage risk and remove emotion from the investment process; because he genuinely believes that emotions and sentiments are the main reasons why investors lose money.

With Gorilla Trades, you can:

  • Get all the information you need instantly.
  • Mitigate your risk.
  • Save the research time.
  • Never miss an investment opportunity.

The Gorilla Trades radar sifts over 6,000 stocks every single day, looking for only those stocks that meet each of the 14 parameters that Ken has found to be present in most stocks before they make significant upward movements. Regardless of the overall market's overall condition or an investor's level of experience, Gorilla Trades has something to offer everyone! There is a good reason why Gorilla Trades is one of the most popular stock-picking services in the world: it works!!

The membership cost of Gorilla Trades is a little more than $1/day. Ken Berman, aka The Gorilla, has over 20 years of experience in helping thousands of individual investors, financial advisors, and even fund managers in over 50 countries. Try Gorilla Trades for yourself. It offers a "truly free" (no-credit-card-required) 30-day trial to prospective members at:


Company: Gorilla Trades
Contact Person: KEN BERMAN
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Gorilla Trades

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