Save Lands Launches Program To Save Nature And End Poverty Among Farmers

Save Lands

Save Lands Launches Program To Save Nature And End Poverty Among Farmers

Friday, May 29, 2020 2:00 PM

CANTON, OH / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2020 / Deforestation remains one of the leading threats to nature at present. With 80% of land animals and plants living in forests, deforestation is a bigger problem than most think. And this is what a company in Ohio is trying to help solve by planting trees and spreading awareness about this environmental issue.

Save Lands is dedicated to ensuring future generations can continue to enjoy nature. With this mission, the company has partnered with to help plant as many trees to save forests and lands that are keys to deflect climate change.

It has launched a program that aims to save the planet in style. For every item it sells on its website, 12 trees will be planted. The company is offering a range of products that all show support for mother nature - from clothing to accessories.

"We believe that planting trees does not only fight air pollution but also preserves the environment. We hope to spread awareness about land, air, and sea pollution and use our brand to help make a difference," said Save Lands CEO, Christian Campisi.

"With ​every item, you are saving a piece of land big enough for 12 trees. Y​ou aren't just saving a few trees, together we could save a whole forest."

According to World Bank data, there are three trillion trees on Earth, that's around 400 trees per person. However, with the rate the world is cutting down and clearing forests for reasons such as urbanization and paper manufacturing, it won't be long before the Earth hits a critical level. In the last 25 years alone, 1.3 million square kilometers of forests have been lost - that's 1,000 football fields of trees every hour.

Through its partnership with, Save Lands hopes to plant 10,000,000 trees by 2025 to revive nature, and it's taking it one step at a time. Its short-term goal is to hit the 1,000,000 mark and it's not too far from reaching this. With the help of customers and through donations on Earth Day this year, the company was able to plant 320,000 trees. This marked a total of 750,000 trees planted since it started its program.

Save Lands isn't only helping the environment, but also farmers and their families. Through its program, it is able to improve the land quality for better productivity.

"We can help families escape extreme poverty if they transform their lands into Forest Gardens, and this is part of our mission. We want to help them convert the lands to a multi-purpose distribution of vegetables, bushes, and trees."

"We aim to lift a million people out of poverty using the Forest Garden approach. Not only are we planting trees, but we're helping create jobs to fight poverty."

From saving the environment to saving lives through employment, Save Lands hopes that through its small way it could help preserve nature and provide a better future for the upcoming generations.

To learn more about Save Lands and its advocacy, and how you could help plant trees, visit​.

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