Trister's Light Unlocks a Blockchain Technological New Era by Low Cost Credibility
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Trister's Light Unlocks a Blockchain Technological New Era by Low Cost Credibility

Monday, May 11, 2020 8:10 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2020 / The new coronavirus broke out in 2020 and the world then entered an extraordinary moment. The characteristics such as tamper proof, reliable, and supervision available of the blockchain technology are just suitable for work coordination in this special period. In fact, many blockchain applications have fallen to ground from information collection, disease prevention and control to material allocation.

The technological charm of blockchain lies in its ablity to solve the basic problem in large-scale complex coordination, which is credibility. The more complex the process is and more parties is involved, the more important the low cost trust is and more influential the blockchain is. Trister's Light is trying to construct the low cost trust from two aspects.

Customer's aspect: develop user's trust habits

In Trister's Light's credit system, trust is an intrinsic. In order to develop user's trust habits, Trister's platform adopts trust certification mechanism, in which all participants can provide count mutually under Trister's Light's consensus mechanism. Transfer can be completed without guidance from data center or mutual dialogue and likes between people. At the same time, Trister's platform introduces a balanced contract to protect user's assets security. The fund management follows an accounting principle of balanced in and out and there is no problem of less in and more out or more in and less out, which eliminates users' concerns in the operation level. In addition, this mechanism is implemented through the method that intelligent contract is open, transparent, and tamper proof.

Technical aspect: develop credit system components

Credit system is the basis of business transactions, and is the basic component of DAPP which involves many business activities. All historical records and information about account transaction activities are deposited in trister's light. Under the authorization of users, credit system service providers will rely on various consumption and behavior data of users on Trister's Light, combine with trister's Light's financial information, uses cloud computing, machine learning and other technologies to comprehensively process and evaluate the data of various dimensions through model algorithms such as logical regression, decision tree and random forest. It objectively presents the comprehensive score of personal credit status in the five dimensions including user credit history, behavior preference, performance ability, identity characteristics and interpersonal relationship, and establishes Trister's Light's unified account credit system model. These information can be provided to DApp in need to reduce the cost of establishing credit system for individual DApp.

By introducing new functions, the scalability of Trister's Light is greatly enhanced and the entrance barrier and use cost are reduced. The API of the platform offers easy-to-use access point to DApp and provides a quick way for DApp developers to use specific functions of blockchain without knowing details about its implementation. Developers are able to construct complex applications just through calling these functions from Trister's platform. At present, Trister's Light has finished following components including identity authentication component, Trustme credit system component, Oracle market forecast component and Ozone zero knowledge certification component. Trister's Light has developed a complete software development and deployment platform, which can provide developers with application design, development, testing, and hosting services and then shape the future of blockchain applications.

The measure that Trister's Light decreases the implementation difficulty of blockchain application through one click deployment of DApp has far-reaching significance. Probably, DApp in the future can completely replace today's paying and application platforms and lead another tremendous scientific and technological revolution just like the Internet technology 30 years ago.

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