Terraplanter Launches an 'Inside-Out' Planter That Grows Plants on the Exterior Surface, Without Soil, Only Water
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Terraplanter Launches an 'Inside-Out' Planter That Grows Plants on the Exterior Surface, Without Soil, Only Water

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 1:00 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / No Soil, no mess, zero carbon-footprint, and a cutting edge modern design. Today, Adama Design launches a crowdfunding campaign for the Terraplanter, an inside-out hydroponic planter made for indoor plant growing. Created for the modern urban inhabitant with an appreciation for plants, it was designed to match any interior living space and keeps maintenance to a minimum - all the while sustaining a plant which grows on the exterior surface.

The Terraplanter is the creation of Eran Zarhi, an industrial designer and plant enthusiast, and his partner, eco-entrepreneur and 4-time Kickstarter creator, Elad Burko. Designed around the needs of plants and users; the Terraplanter acts as a water bank and is made from a solid yet porous ceramic material, allowing water to slowly diffuse through it. Cells on the exterior surface host water giving the plant time to drink. Ultimately, this means the owner will need to spend less time tending to his or her plant.

"I've had this fascination for nature since I was a child. In recent years it has evolved and has attached itself to new interests that I have, branching out into new places. With this project I was able to combine my passion for plants with an expertise in design to create a product I can proudly share with my friends, family, and now the rest of the world." - Eran Zarhi, Product Designer

The design of the Terraplanter was inspired by nature and the way in which plants grow naturally in the rain forest as well as similar humid environments - roots are exposed, above ground, and cling onto a moist structure with constant access to both water and air. The design challenges were met by the Terraplanter which outfits 1,400 cells with a micro-textured surface providing grip for plant roots. As the roots grow into the pattern layout of the Terraplanter it is nature that is molded into its design.

Our vision to establish cooperation between design and nature was fulfilled with the Terraplanter. As an 'inside-out' planter, there is a transparency which allows users to witness the process of plant growth on the Terraplanter's surface - from seeds sprouting, to roots grasping and growing while looking for water, leaves extending towards the lights, and of course flowers blooming.

The estimated delivery date of Terraplanter is Q4 2020. The Terraplanter will be available for the early bird price of $59 on Kickstarter ($80 retail). For more information regarding pledge levels, please visit the Kickstarter campaign. Any members of the media wishing to receive more information, or interview Adama personnel should contact Eran at [email protected]


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