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CNexchange enables billions of dollars’ worth liquidity for users by joining hands with Koinfox broker protocol

Tuesday, 28 April 2020 11:45 AM


ST. JULIANS, MALTA / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2020 / CNexchange enters into an agreement with Koinfox, an Australian based start-up to enhance the trading experience for the users. This relationship stands to be the one that will benefit the users of CNexchange in multiple ways. The CNexchange team has joined hands with Koinfox prior to the launch of CNexchange, which is scheduled for May 2020. This new partnership will ensure that the users can avail benefits from various advanced features offered by Koinfox's broker protocol from the very beginning. Further, to the advanced features, this relationship will bring a chance to CNexchange's users to get their hands on billions of dollars of liquidity and many more unique offerings.

Via this new relationship, CNexchange will now get access to Binance's liquidity and security, as Koinfox stands to be the official broker of Binance in the industry. CNexchange's users will enjoy deep order books of Binance that will make the exchange highly liquid and competitive to any Tier I exchange in the industry. As on 28th April 2020, Binance has a trading volume of $4,833,491,399. CNexchnage will benefit from the huge pool of liquidity that Binance offers to its consumers, as liquidity is an offering not many Exchanges offer.

CNexchange, a Project by QuickX Team and its Founders Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha and Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha since its inception has been in news. A Community Centric Exchange, which operates on the basics of transparency, security, and distributed revenue. Koinfox is a well-established name in the industry, whose major aim is to solve various challenges faced by businesses in the industry via it's newly launched broker protocol, which is going to be utilized in this case by CNexchange. Liquidity, security, advanced order types, and features are some of the key highlighted offerings of this protocol in addition to others, which will be integrated into CNexchange in the future.

This engagement will enable the users of CNexchange to trade while using the most progressive features available worldwide. Trading in cryptocurrencies is one aspect and trading in cryptocurrencies with advanced features is another. The QuickX Team and the Founders have always come up with the most revolutionizing and path-breaking ideas, moving away from the monotony of general established business practices. Koinfox also believes in coming up with new and modern ways of trading cryptocurrencies via features that not many people can even think of.

CEO-Founder, QuickX Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha quoted on association with Koinfox; "The aim is to ensure that our users have the best trading experience. The focus via this relationship is not only on the Retail Traders but also on Portfolio Managers, which is a perspective most industry players ignore. Both CNexchange and Koinfox will ensure that everyone benefits from this coming together of ours equally."

CNexchange is a Community Centric Exchange that will enable a user to operate on multiple Exchanges via one single platform. The Exchange allows the user to buy and/or sell cryptocurrencies via Credit Card and also transfer the available funds to their Bank Accounts at any time they wish to. CNexchange takes extreme pride in being an exchange of the community, by the community and for the community. This statement stands validated by the unique Exchange Partner Program that the company offers, wherein 50% of the revenue earned will be distributed to the community.

Koinfox has come up with multiple advanced features as part of its broker protocol since it started its operations like buying and selling cryptocurrencies at a specific price and to be able to exit the trade as per the price limit and many more such advanced features. Together CNexchange and Koinfox are striving to bring about positive changes in the trading of cryptocurrencies with these progressive and advanced trading methods by integrating this protocol into CNexchange. That sounds like a path-breaking idea and many more such innovative ideas are on its way for the users to make most out of.

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CNexchange is a Community Centric Exchange, that operates primarily on the principles of transparency and security. The Platform, through its entire belief system and operations, strives to be the cryptocurrency exchange of the community, by the community, and for the community. The goal is to develop a trusted and secure Exchange, where the community gets to avail of the benefits as well. CNexchange is a project by the QuickX Team, who's responsible for bringing about major changes in the arena of cryptocurrency.

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