Dominating the Credit Industry Through Constant Reinvention With Jovanny Cenel
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Dominating the Credit Industry Through Constant Reinvention With Jovanny Cenel

Sunday, April 26, 2020 11:40 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2020 / A good credit score is something that Americans need. A good credit score allows people to exercise their freedoms to enjoy and experience certain liberties in life. A bad credit score, however, causes nothing but financial headaches. It's never easy to maintain a good credit score, leveraging it even more so. Then there's also the case of having to repair your credit score if you ever burn it to the ground.

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Jovanny Cenel is the go-to guy for anything in the "Credit" industry, dubbed as the Credit Expert he advises people and large corporations alike on how to leverage their credit appropriately under favorable terms and conditions. But ironically, Jovanny Cenel had an abysmal credit score when he was young. At the young age of 18, he unintentionally destroyed his credit score by not knowing how to leverage credit the right way. He was making investments that don't seem to make sense now that he's a lot wiser, but at the time he thought those investments were doing him good. He got a "Personal Loan" of almost $80,000 through "Creative Financing", the average 19-year-old American couldn't even get a $1000 loan.

It took him years of learning and grinding to eventually get to where he's at right now. He realized that he had to reinvent himself in order to succeed, and so he did. Dominating the "Credit" sector and helping satisfied clients from all over the USA. It all started on one faithful day when Jovanny stumbled upon an online credit repair course that would change his life forever. It was the day when the credit expert in him would finally awaken. After taking the credit repair course, he eventually repaired the damage that his credit score suffered and eventually went on and used his new-found knowledge to help his friends and family for free.

It was then that he realized that he had acquired a valuable skill. He started to monetize this skill, and began doing door-to-door sales, garnering multiple clients from referrals. Jovanny Cenel then established Centurion Score, his very own credit repair agency. He eventually grew the business to six figures in the first year. Growing even bigger into a seven-figure business as he gained more clients, but Jovanny still wasn't satisfied because he knew he could do more. Driven by his personal ambition, he put every penny into personal development.

Through constantly improving and learning Jovanny eventually branched off to the financial side of credit. He sought to learn more about "Credit Acquisition" and eventually mastered it, Jovanny Cenel now helps the everyday person and large businesses who make anywhere from $0 to multiple eight figures a year secure their own funding by leveraging credit appropriately with favorable terms and conditions.

After being able to attain great results in everything credit-related, he started a high-quality coaching program where he teaches people how they can use his blueprint and build their own credit repair agency. He currently has ten people in the mentorship program that went from making $35,000 - $70,000 a year to now making anywhere from $100,000 - $700,000 a year and they all work from home.

Jovanny Cenel just continues to dominate the credit industry and any endeavor that he decides to partake. With sheer determination and the passion for self-development and constant reinvention, Jovanny is always changing for the better and gaining wisdom that surpasses all the knowledge that he used to have.

To get in touch with Jovanny Cenel, you can email him at [email protected] or give him a call on 3234803439.

SOURCE: Jovanny Cenel

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