Staffing Services Offered for Life Science Industries
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Staffing Services Offered for Life Science Industries

Friday, April 24, 2020 3:40 PM
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BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2020 / Boston, Massachusetts-based Biotech Partners is pleased to announce that they are offering staffing services for scientific, clinical, regulatory, and medical affairs industries. The life science recruitment agency specializes in delivering prompt and effective job placement services that can see highly technical roles filled with minimal delay. Learn more about the firm, their services, and their areas of expertise at the following link:

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to suspend or slow their operations. However, the firm observes that the opposite is more likely to be true for those in fields related to research and healthcare. Given the nature of the pandemic, it then follows that staffing shortages can be far more destructive to an entity's effectiveness if they are unable to locate the personnel, they require to maintain their organization's necessary levels of activity. Biotech Partners is able to handle the hiring process on their behalf, utilizing their expansive network of contacts in order to discover and connect with specialists with training in highly technical fields.

"We understand that you can suffer critical delays in your work if you do not have the right personnel on your team or even enough personnel to fully flesh out the range of expertise your projects require. You may also not have the time to wait for interested parties to explore your connections searching for people who would be interested in the positions you have available, "stated Biotech Partners, "Fortunately, we are able to take the stress and hassle out of the job placement process in order to give you access to the project workers and managers you need." Explore their service offerings on their website at

The agency has consistently proven their ability to furnish their clients with a viable contractor in under a week, depending on the associated needs of the organization or complexity of the role in question. In certain cases, they can offer same-day placement, an advantage that many industries are finding especially useful during this time. Crucially, they are also intrinsically familiar with compliance regulations and other aspects specific to each industry that will determine each candidate's suitability for the role. According to Biotech Partners, this means that their clients are able to begin seeing candidates in an average of three days or less, and each of these candidates fill at least 90% of the skills required. The firm further asserts that they are able to fill positions in at least 95% of instances.

These factors are applicable no matter how long the role needs to be filled. Biotech Partners continues to show that they can locate candidates who are guaranteed to stay on for five years or more. On the other hand, they can also connect a client with contractors, consultants or similar short term positions at any level of expertise necessary.

The same is true for individuals in the life sciences who are looking for their next role. The agency encourages candidates to visit their website, stating, "Can't find the position you're qualified for? You're worth more than you know to the right organization. Our team members guide you through the dense forest of supposed positions that only serve to waste your time, helping you find better opportunities, prepare for your interview and get real-time feedback from hiring managers. We're giving you the upper hand over your competition."

Biotech Partners is able to provide career feedback and coaching to the right candidates They strongly believe that complete communication regarding their desired prospects is the only way a candidate can learn how to develop themselves into the most viable applicant. This has the added bonus of giving candidates insight into their true worth and what they stand to gain, an aspect that is supported by Biotech Partners' salary and compensation research.

Candidates will be able to seek help with less technical aspects of the job placement process as well, such as receiving feedback on their resumes that helps maximize the background information they provide. Biotech Partners can also stand in as an interviewer, allowing candidates to practice for their application through phone, in-person, or video interviews coaching.

More information can be found on the agency's official website and other online resources. Interested parties are welcome to reach out to the team at Biotech Partner in order to follow up on any further inquiries as well. Find the agency on LinkedIn at the following link: Follow Us on LinkedIn.


For more information about Biotech Partners, contact the company here:

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