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Impact Partners Launches Powerful Network of Industry Partnerships to Help Financial Advisors Grow their Business and Serve Clients

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 10:00 AM
Impact Partners Consulting & Distribution

COLUMBUS, OH / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2020 / Impact Partners Consulting & Distribution LLC, a registered investment advisor (RIA), announced today the launch of an independent, advisor-centric service offering partnered with best-in-class asset managers (public and private) and financial service providers, designed to improve advisor efficiency and practice management with a suite of resources to help better serve clients, and keep them at the forefront of a rapidly transforming financial services industry.

Financial advisors face multiple challenges and increasing complexities today in their quest to build and operate a successful advisory business. Time has become more precious and fleeting as advisors interact with a growing array of investment firms, fintech providers, and other service providers. Based upon 20 years of client facing experience and trusting relationships with many great people in the industry, Impact Partners Consulting & Distribution recognizes these challenges and was formed to become a go-to resource, enabling advisors to focus more on serving their clients with excellence.

"The current global pandemic and market downturn, like past crises, can be a truly defining moment in an advisors' career, and it's a time for them to shine as they guide clients though this uncertain time and for the long term," said Richard Ranck, CIMA®, CKA®, and founder of Impact Partners. "We are pleased to launch today a suite of productivity enhancing services and investment tools developed to strengthen the relationship between advisors and their clients.

"We are building a very experienced team of industry veterans and partner firms who have fostered trusted relationships built on wisdom, experience, and integrity. We will work hard to never lose sight of this as we serve advisors."

Today, advisors are looking for ways to be more efficient and continuously improve the critical processes for managing their business. Advisors are seeking ways to grow and attract new clients across generations, improve service levels, enhance client satisfaction, and drive referrals. Many advisors are looking to increase their fiduciary role, standards, and capabilities for addressing clients' more complex needs. From incorporating the latest technology for lowering costs to helping optimize investment portfolios, Impact Partners Consulting & Distribution, LLC was created to be fully aligned with financial advisors and their business.

Impact Partners website offers tremendous advisor resources and an efficient way to connect with our team and strategic partners through links and built in calendars for scheduling meetings for the day/time of your choice. Access our partners and category research, blog content, short video's, and webcasts (past and upcoming), or ongoing reading suggestions for great books like, "The Ultimate Question".

Upcoming "Advising Excellence" Webinars

4/22 @ 4pm EST: Rafael Resendes, Co-Founder and CIO of Applied Finance, and Jun Wang, CFA, Partner & PM/Analyst provide a brief introduction to the Applied Finance Valuation Driven™ process and the Valuation 50 and Valuation Dividend strategies.

Applied Finance is an investment management firm dedicated to delivering superior equity research and constructing equity portfolios that outperform their benchmarks through its Valuation Driven™ process. For additional information, and to register for this event,

4/29 @ 11:15pm EST: Ron Baldwin, CEO of Uncommon Giving will discuss the upcoming launch of a FinTech platform to help awaken generosity and encourage giving across generations. Ron is the visionary behind Uncommon Giving - an extraordinary giving experience and generosity ecosystem that will allow anyone to donate their time, talent, treasure, testimony or thanks to worthy causes.

Uncommon Giving has created a technologically advanced platform that powerfully engages people (any age & on their turf - the virtual & social media world) and creates an opportunity to increase the experience and joy of giving. The platform enables anyone to create their own highly personalized account (democratized donor advised fund) where they can give (regularly) and closely interact with causes and charitable organizations close to their hearts. For additional information, and to register for this event

Richard Ranck, CIMA®, CKA®, is the Founder and Managing Partner of Impact Partners. He holds a BA in Economics and Business from Wheaton College and an MBA from the University of Memphis. Richard also earned the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) certification, administered by the Investment Management Consultants Association taught in conjunction with the University of California, Berkeley, in 2009, and the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation in 2016.

Throughout his career, Richard has championed a consultative approach in developing trusted relationships with advisors and investors at Institutions, RIAs, Independents, Regional Broker Dealers, and Wire Houses. He has professionally represented several unique investment firms across multiple asset classes and investment structures including IPOs, Secondary Offerings, ETFs, Direct Indexing, SMAs, Closed End Funds, Mutual Funds, and strategies focused on ESG/SRI and Faith Driven Investing.

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About Impact Partners Consulting & Distribution

Impact Partners Consulting & Distribution is a registered investment advisor (RIA) based in Columbus, Ohio. The firm leverages financial resources, in-depth industry experience and the latest technologies to help advisors simplify and streamline all the moving pieces involved in running a successful financial advisory firm. From attracting new clients to helping optimize investment strategies, we understand the time and energy it takes to provide tailored fiduciary service that your clients deserve. Impact Partners provides a suite of productivity enhancing services and investment tools developed to strengthen the relationship between advisors and their clients, better enabling them to consistently offer innovative, high-touch communication and guidance with ease.

If you are an investment firm or service provider looking for a partner to enhance communication with and serve advisors, we would welcome an opportunity to talk with you. If you are an experienced client facing industry professional, we are looking to add to our team as we serve advisors with our trusted partners. For additional information, please visit

Media Contact
Bill Conboy
[email protected]

Strategic Partners

Awaken Generosity & Giving - Uncommon Giving

Grow, Attract, Retain & Serve Clients:

SMA's and Mutual Funds, Applied Finance

Direct Indexing - Veriti Management

Private Investments - T2 Capital Management, Ag Solutions Capital, LLC

Mergers & Acquisitions - Stillwater Capital

ETFs - Coming Soon

SOURCE: Impact Partners Consulting & Distribution

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