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Top Entrepreneurs That Inspire Us In 2020

Saturday, 18 April 2020 17:18


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2020 / There's no question that 2020 has been full of surprises. From the coronavirus, the world economic downturn, it seems nowadays all we hear about is bad news.

Although it may seem that way, there are many entrepreneurs out there that continue to do important and inspiring work.

This year, VIP Media Group put together a list of what they consider to be some of the top and most inspiring entrepreneurs to watch in 2020.

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So who are they?

- Tai Lopez

INSTAGRAM: @tailopez

Tai Lopez an investor, partner, and advisor to almost two-dozen multi-million-dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts Tai Lopez shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries. The Tai Lopez Show gets around 800,000 downloads per month. Tai also owns the largest book shipping club in the world, Mentor Box, and was voted the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.

- Grant Cardone

INSTAGRAM: @grantcardone

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and has been buying real estate for over 30 years. Over those three decades, he has bought over two billion dollars worth of real estate in eight states. Grant currently manages 7,068 units with his private equity firm Cardone Capital. He is one of the top real estate investors because of his extreme discipline, specific formulas, and good instinct to know when to exit the property. Throughout his career, Grant has been giving small investors a chance to start small and go big.

- Rudy Mawer

INSTAGRAM: @rudymawerlife

Rudy Mawer built two multi million dollar businesses by the age of 27 and currently helps generate tens of million $ per year via his clients businesses. He is also an active investor, owning multiple residential and commercial real estate, multiple companies and equity in large 9 figure brands such as Dress Barn. Rudy runs a large agency with Tai called Profit Index. Rudy is seen as one of the world's top 5 experts on Facebook ads and scaling businesses with online marketing. His clientele includes a lot of health & fitness brands, celebrities, olympic athletes, multimillionaire companies and entrepreneurs. His work has been featured in the LA News, ABC News, Forbes, Inc, Business Insider , Entrepreneur, Huffington Post. NASDAQ, etc.

- Paul Vigario

INSTAGRAM: @PaulVigario - @SurfCTcom

In the expanding field of computer technology (IT) for the dental and healthcare industry, Mr. Paul Vigario is widely considered a pioneer and industry leader. Vigario is the Founder and CEO of, a company that he started in his college dorm in 2003 and today has helped educate and support the dental and healthcare community worldwide while maintaining its renowned reputation as the leading Dental Computer Technology Company with a holistic approach to complete technology and office design where Everything Is Connected™. Over the years, with all the knowledge gained from his extensive schooling and running SurfCT, Paul's proven applied knowledge has been sought out by hundreds of doctors, surgeons, healthcare professionals, companies, dental schools, universities, and meetings as an advisor, for speaking opportunities, healthcare system design, dental practice automation and consulting.

- Amber Voight

INSTAGRAM: @AmberVoight

Amber Voight is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, self made millionaire and the CEO of Sparkle Fitness. Her cosmetic organization has 300,000 members and sells more than $85,000,000 per year, besides this she also runs a gym and has her own fitness line. Things were not always a fairytale because she grew up fast dropping out of school in the 8th grade and becoming a teen mom at 17 years old. Since the very beginning, Amber's inspiration has always been her desire for her kids to grow up differently. Amber's future projects include opening a med spa in 2021 and continuing to help people be their best version of themselves. After so much struggle, hard work and dedication, Amber Voight knows that mindset is everything and encourages us to never give up.

- Cesar Gomez

INSTAGRAM: @Cesargomez909

When it comes to hard work and determination, there are few like Cesar Gomez. A hustler and serial entrepreneur, Cesar owns consulting companies that have sales teams. During his career, Cesar has focused a great time in the insurance industry, where he provides value in specialized training that consist of life skills such as sales training, time management, character building, marketing, and branding. During his humble beginnings, just at 15 years old, Cesar started by opening a lawn mowing service in his neighborhood. Years later, he has become one of the top entrepreneurs in our country. As a first generation American, Cesar knows that when it comes to his success, it is all thanks to his consistency, determination and patience to get things done.

- Paul Getter


Paul Getter has often been referred to as the king-maker or "the guy behind the guys." Paul's Internet Marketing career began in desperation. He'd been laid off and didn't own a marketable degree. But then he discovered the power of Facebook, learned every aspect of Facebook marketing, and now he ranks among the top 1% of ad spenders on the world's largest social platform. Paul boosts the popularity of big network television shows, skyrockets authors onto the New York Times Best-Sellers list, elevates Fortune 500 companies and A-list celebrities, and helps numerous small-platform personalities grow followings of millions. He's developed a large clientele by working with each client in a deeply personal way that exudes trust and genuine care.

- Michael Ashabi

INSTAGRAM: @mikeashabi

There are few people with the energy like Mike Ashabi. The founder and CEO of True Life Ventures is well known in the coaching industry as one of the top life and business coaches in The United States. Mike works directly hand to hand with entrepreneurs, business owners, and start ups to help them build strategies for sustainability and scaling, ensuring his clients reach their goals and increase their business growth by at least 40% month after month. Today, Mike continues to impact hundreds of lives through his company, True Life Ventures.

- David Connor

INSTAGRAM: @PowerfulHustler

David Connor is a 27 years old UK based serial entrepreneur and Award Winning social marketer. During 2019, David's views on social media were in the upwards of 250 million views via his social media platforms. David's businesses span across a number of sectors including; Music and New Media, Mobile Technologies, Social Media and Sports. His businesses include; blckcrd music the first of its kind social first record label, Being Online, an award winning social media network of pages spanning over 11 million fans across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat. In addition, David is the founder of Prank Technology, the world's most popular mobile prank application ever to hit the iTunes App Store with over 700,000 downloads across iOS and Android.

- Kyree Hollis

INSTAGRAM: @kyreedatsme

Kyree Hollis is a living proof that hard work pays off. He dropped out of college playing D1 football at Indiana University to pursue his passion for digital marketing. Today, Kyree is a top digital marketing consultant who specializes in working with musicians and record labels to expand their artist's reach, overall brand and making viral videos on social media. In addition to this, Kyree also works with many brands and celebrities, doing brand partnerships between the two such as Sean "Diddy" Combs and Lifeprint.

- Jasmine Dickerson

INSTAGRAM: @jazzzzs

Jasmine Dickerson is a 340B- Pharmacy Manager by day and entrepreneur both day and night. Jasmine has always known she wanted to stay in the Healthcare Administration industry but she was starting to feel empty due to the monotony and lack of caring in the corporate world so her drive to fulfil her soul, her faith and vision led her to start Cosmoj, a financial technology servicing company which purpose is to help clients pay for non/partially covered medical costs. At 27 years old, Jasmine has worked with top business personnel. From CEO's of field marketing insurance companies to medical clinicians. Jasmine has been able to help hundreds of people as well as bring awareness to a new approach when it comes to healthcare savings. In terms of her future, this powerhouse is sure to be a success for decades and years to come.

- Jeremy Morris

INSTAGRAM: @jerrymorris_

Jeremy Morris is an entrepreneur, music manager, and a consultant for 500+ businesses and hip hop artists on how to grow their brands using social media marketing. He is widely known in the sneaker/luxury reselling market where he first grew his brand by quickly flipping authentic shoes and luxury goods right through his instagram stories. He also helps businesses and brands grow their social credibility online, using the same strategies he used to start growing his own brand. He accumulated his first $100,000 in sales within 6 months with online marketing, where he now regularly has 30 to 40 thousand dollar months. Jeremy is truly considered a self made sales professional, recalling his first sales experience in 7th grade where he flipped paintball equipment for profit to be able to fund playing the sport. Currently, Jeremy teaches a team of 50+ sales reps on a weekly basis on how to reach leads, qualify them, and close them.

- Jasmine Douglas


Jasmine Douglas is not your typical realtor. This powerhouse and serial entrepreneur is unconventional in her beliefs which makes her a forward-thinking innovative realtor/investor for the changing modern world. Jasmine played the long game as a young mother in college. She never had the guidance on how to achieve her real estate, financial, and lifestyle goals, so she had to learn her own way and ended up finding success through real estate. Today, Jasmine has been able to clear her debt through homeownership, purchase multiple properties, and have her residual income from real estate supporting her ideal lifestyle. In addition, Jasmine has hosted many events and has been on panels teaching others how to achieve success as a realtor. Recently, she was awarded the second person on her team to achieve an outstanding production through her brokerage for the year. Jasmine has learned so much in her career and loves being a mentor to those interested in achieving financial success through real estate.

- Jasper Hagan


Jasper Hagan is a marketing trailblazer, a cancer survivor and the founder and CEO of Full Court Marketing, a creative marketing agency that thrives on telling authentic stories of multicultural consumers that have yet to be heard. FCM focuses on providing fresh perspectives and delivering high-impact, culturally relevant solutions that go beyond what's expected. This Morehouse College graduate started his media career at iHeartmedia; there he successfully created and executed local, regional and national media campaigns. After 7 years leaving a mark in the industry, his passion for connecting brands and artists led to him creating and founding his company, which has successfully secured strategic partnerships with iconic global brands.

- Royale Muldrew

INSTAGRAM: @newworldtycoon

Royale Muldrew is a 28 year old self made serial entrepreneur from South Central and the founder of a revolutionary brand called "New World Tycoon." The brand's ultimate goal is to uplift and impact the underserved youth by teaching them useful tools for life such as financial literacy, the power of credit and how to become successful entrepreneurs. Currently, Royale runs multiple businesses and invests in every kind of field you can imagine from luxury car rentals and manufactured goods, to home-delivered natural health solutions through his wife's company, Ahpre Naturals. To this day, Royale continues to inspire thousands of youth to take their lives to the next level.

- Jonathan Campos Ramirez

INSTAGRAM: @welcome_to_mi_vida

Jonathan Campos Ramirez is a business owner and a true inspiration to so many. Jonathan got into the barbering industry because of an unexpected series of events, one of these was an explosion where he received 3rd degree burns to 45% of his body. At that time he was successfully modeling and acting in Los Angeles. One of the last jobs he was hired for before his accident was a music video called "The Boys" featuring Nikki Minaj and Cassidy. Coincidentally, the video took place in a barber shop where there was an explosion. Jonathan played the role of the burned barber before he was ever burned. Despite his setbacks, Jonathan was able to move forward by coaching himself, and today he has opened and continues to operate two successful barber shops before the age of 30. Additionally, he speaks on various panels about his experience. He also actively gives back to his community through an organization he recently started called, ‘Cut on Purpose.' Through Cut on Purpose, Jonathan has been able to travel to third world countries motivating and teaching underprivileged and young individuals how to cut hair in order to make a living.

- Carlos Scott


There are few entrepreneurs as powerful and diverse as Carlos Scott. From e-commerce, social media, PR, and everything in between, this multi-talented entrepreneur has been able to create and launch multiple six figure E-Commerce stores in different niches. His main business "Lifestyle Brands Media" a six figure media agency, has been one of the top agencies on PR, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. So far, Carlos has helped over 2000 clients get featured on top publications such as Fox, CBS, Yahoo, and more.

- Rio Osorio

INSTAGRAM: @rio.osorio

Rio Osorio is an entrepreneur who specializes in sales and marketing. He runs a small team of talented people that helps him take care of 47 clients. Rio also focuses on strategic partnerships with high level entrepreneurs, such as John Malott of @Buildyourempire, who Rio has been working on a mentorship program with. Through this program, Rio has been able to work with almost 600 hungry entrepreneurs in the last 6 months. Rio's biggest accomplishment is being able to have some of the people he looks up to as his mentors and friends because, as he says, proximity is power.

- Chris Diaz

INSTAGRAM: @ItsChrisDiaz

Chris Diaz got his bachelor's degree in 2016 and then got experience working sales for the most luxurious car dealership in Miami, FL and in a banking position at J.P Morgan Chase. He then saw the opportunity in the digital marketing space so he decided to invest into courses, mentors, books, and materials that would teach him how to grow his social presence. Chris then started his own agency, pursued his passion, and is now fulfilling his life's purpose. Chris is a consultant, marketing expert, and CEO of Chris Diaz Agency. He is well known for his innate ability to revolutionize the way a brand is seen. He provides digital consulting for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs and elite businesses looking to grow their social presence and scale beyond their current standing. He also runs a 100M+ digital network filled with artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, and more which he leverages to drive more traffic to his clients businesses.


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