Meet The Top Entrepreneurs Who Are Making A Difference In Their Industries
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Meet The Top Entrepreneurs Who Are Making A Difference In Their Industries

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 6:30 PM
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BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / April 15, 2020 / Now more than ever, network marketing, e-commerce, social media content creation, and wealth diversification are on the rise. Despite what has happened in the first quarter of 2020, the business environment is as heated as ever! With this in mind, we've compiled a list of entrepreneurs who are leaving their mark and establishing themselves as authorities in their various industries.

So who are these industry-leading individuals?

- Jason Brown

Instagram: Jbrown

Jason Brown is not just an entrepreneur but an investor, a visionary, and a consultant whose strict focus is to impact people. Jason only handles projects that can contribute to the world. If a project doesn't leave an impact or have a legacy potential, then that project isn't worth it for Jason.

With the help of his business partner Matt Rosa and their leaders, they were able to create a $200M+ per year gross sales business. He has traveled to 45 various countries speaking and mentoring tens of thousands of people. Jason is also working on a two-year social media shifting project that will launch in 2020 and unite influencers and celebrities with their fans on a more intimate level than ever before.

Jason understands what it means to be an entrepreneur, he understands the sacrifices that must be made, and this is what has earned him a spot as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world right now. He is a man who puts his family first and believes in hard work above all else.

- Matt Rosa:

Instagram: itsmattrosa

Matt Rosa is a 27-year-old Puerto Rican entrepreneur who was born in Brooklyn, New York and currently lives in Miami. He runs an educational platform where he teaches people to trade in foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. He is married, God-fearing and highly focused when it comes to getting the job done.

Matt Rosa with his business partner Jason Brown has built an organization where over 90,000 customers are actively utilizing the services in their business. He has brought over 5,000 people together in a room to learn. He has shared stages with the very best in the game. He has shared stages with the likes of Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone and he has done over $200M in gross sales per year for the last few years.

Coming from a family that has few success stories, Matt had a burning desire to change his story. He took hold of his future and made something for himself.

Currently, he is focused on giving back to his environment by engaging in charitable and philanthropic driven events for his community.

- Barion McQueen

Instagram: @barionmcqueen

Barion McQueen is the founder of "The Brand Castle" a top digital marketing agency that has worked with Mercedes Benz, Ciroc, Adidas, Champion, Coca-Cola and Levi's. He is also a marketing expert and business consultant who has helped grow over 100 businesses both small and large. He's the author of "Why Won't My Business Grow" a book that has provided tremendous aid to both entrepreneurs and business owners.

One of his biggest accomplishments was writing his first book. As a kid, Barion McQueen never cared for books but as he grew older, he found a love for reading but even then, he never thought he'd be a published author someday. When he finally decided to write a book to help business owners, he had cold feet coupled with self-doubt. But in the end, he was able to block out the world and write a bestselling book that helped transform businesses.

Recently, Barion McQueen added a Public Relations/Media division to his company "The Brand Castle". This new division aims to help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners tell their story and build their personal brand.

- Fay Afghahi

Instagram: kerahealthfay

Fay Afghahi is the founder and CEO of kerahealth, an eCommerce platform that offers products directed at beauty needs, but approaching them through the angle of wellness.

Fay's career has revolved around fashion and beauty- her first job out of University was with Elizabeth Arden at their International Business HQ in Geneva, a Marketing Assistant in the Fragrance Department. After 6 years in the post, she moved to Dubai with her husband where she held various PR roles followed by the position of Editor for a local magazine.

Then after a few years, she was offered the job of Editor in Chief of Elle Arabia and Elle Decor Arabia, which she thoroughly enjoyed for over 10 years before quitting to start KeraHealth. In the media industry, she was privy to the latest beauty trends on the market, this is how she came to the staunch conclusion the best beauty results are often achieved through wellness and intelligent supplementation.

This encouraged her to explore the universe of nutraceutical supplements and so she launched KeraHealth 3 years ago.

Recently, KeraHealth launched the Follicle Hero hair care system to complete the KeraHealth 360 Hair Health Plan. Follicle Hero Shampoo and Conditioner together with their Scalp Energizer are formulated using naturally-sourced, clinically tested ingredients. The clinical tests show impressive results in reducing hair loss (by 73%), increasing brightness, shine (86%) whilst also increasing the hair protein content by 20%. Follicle Hero has just launched in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East and will be launching within the next few weeks in the US and worldwide. The face and body categories are also going to be launched soon.

- Jason Bramble:

Instagram: jbramble23

Recognized by MADcon as one of the top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders, Jason Bramble is an entrepreneur everyone looks up to. Jason Bramble grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia in a pretty rough neighborhood. He didn't know it then but his environment gave him everything he needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. It gave him the resourcefulness, grit, hunger, and the ability to pivot and adapt to change and most importantly be at his best when his back was against the wall.

Having worked with fortune 500 companies and noticing how much revenue they were losing out on because of the gaps and inefficiencies in their processes, systems, and procedures.

Jason started a company known as RevCarto, LLC with partner Chris Davis to help provide solutions to the problem. RevCarto aims to help companies in all aspects across marketing, sales, and customer service not only from a marketing/creative aspect but both operationally and strategically to help them take prospects from the awareness stage to the decision stage. Their mission is simple, evaluate, audit, propose, and implement all aspects to create and optimize a seamless buyer's journey for the prospect.

- Connor Miller:

Instagram: connormillermedia

Connor Miller is a 26-year-old recovered heroin addict turned entrepreneur. At the age of 17, Connor got addicted to heroin and took to living on the streets. He was incarcerated 5 separate times. When he finally got sober, his main focus was on personal development. During his first few years of sobriety, he developed a few traits that have helped him drastically both in his business and his personal life. These traits include; self-awareness, willingness to change and see things from other people's perspectives, and an insane work ethic.

He spent the last four years helping his dad build a transportation company called ArdentX which is one of the country's leading, full-service transportation and logistics companies. They have a team of over 40 dedicated employees whose goal is to deliver exceptional service focused on speed, urgency, and technology.

But building the transportation company wasn't all he did. In 2019, Connor picked up a camera for the first time. At first, it was a hobby, a creative outlet for all the operational stuff he was dealing with. However, over the last 12 months, it has become his passion. As of today, he has worked with brands such as Vincero Watches, Fear Not Clothing, The Jamaican Tourism Board, Danny Gokey CCM music artist and a lot more.

- Mohamed Bdj

Instagram: mo_bdj

Mohamed Bdj won his financial freedom a lot earlier than most people. At 19, he was initiated into entrepreneurship and after a few talks, he ventured into marketing, personal development and most importantly, community creation. Thousands of people have joined the movement he founded. And today at 21, He lives in freedom at all levels.

Currently, he is helping entrepreneurs get involved in cutting edge sectors such as education in financial markets, understanding cryptocurrencies and business in general.

He has had the opportunity to do his best scenes in Las Vegas, Paris, and London with more than 6,000 people. Mohamed Bdj serves as an inspiration to this generation. He has had the privilege of meeting Bob Proctor, Eric Thomas, and Tony Robbins. He has also traveled to over 20 countries and created leaders all over the world.

- Colt Moncla

Instagram: coltmoncla

Colt Moncla is the founder of CoolRoofs Inc, a commercial/residential roofing outfit that serves the great state of Texas, Colorado, and Florida. Cool Roofs Inc is primarily focused on Military development, strip centers and apartments.

Colt is also a great conversion specialist, as seen in his ability to help people and organizations seek out new methods to boost productivity, annual revenue and sales.

Being a fervent advocate of personal development, Colt spends his time attending seminars such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Cardone's 10x Growth Con. He believes that it's vital to grow your network while you develop new skills and practices.

To express his passion for networking, Colt founded the Entreminded Networking Group, which is an organization for young entrepreneurs to learn the proper skills needed to grow their brands, businesses, and network.

Over the years, Colt has traveled about the world, connecting people with one another and developing strategic relationships to help take his brand to the next level!

- Ivan Briongos

Instagram: Ivanbriongos

Ivan briongos dropped out of school at the age of 16 and joined the workforce. After eight years of working tirelessly as an employee, his finances were still on a standstill and experienced little or no change at all.Ivan was broke and quite unhappy with his situation back then, so he sought out a new way in which he could earn an income and eventually found himself in the entrepreneurship world.

This newfound hope was in the Network marketing industry. By Creating effective systems to duplicate and automate his business, Ivan was able to build a name for himself in the international scene and made over seven figures in 3 years from his online business.

Today he has organizations of thousands of people in multiple countries. He's also a professional speaker who educates hundreds of people about entrepreneurship, motivation, and leadership.

- Fraser Nybo

Instagram: fraser.nybo

Fraser Nybo's dedication and experience to real estate investing have been a true inspiration to many. Being taught a strong work ethic from a young age on his family's farm gave him his strong entrepreneurial drive.

While working full-time jobs, he started multiple companies in his 20's until he found his true passion in real estate asset management. He bought his first property at 23 years old he continued to build a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio before the age of 30.

He now has properties and investors across North America. He has over a decade worth of investment experience and is creating massive opportunities for everyday people who want to invest in real estate. In his first year of raising capital, he raised well over $1MM and believes that everyone should have a second stream of income and wants to provide people a way to do that.

He will grow his and his investor's portfolio to $100MM before 2025 with solid cash flowing assets while coaching active investors who want to learn how to do it on their own.

Fraser is extremely down to earth, approachable and loves meeting and helping people achieve their goals, which is why coaching has been a natural path for him. He is very open about the trials, mistakes, and lessons that he had to learn with his own money and time. He wants all business owners to be able to reach out to him if they ever need help.

He has caught the attention of large industry players and is moving into mainstream media, you can find him via podcasts interviews, his own youtube channel, Instagram, among others.

- Samantha Dong

Instagram: allyshoes

Samantha Dong is the founder and CEO of Ally Shoes, an innovative, fashion brand designed for women by women. After hurting her feet while hiking and couldn't wear heels without feeling pains, Samantha Dong made it her mission to create pain-free heels for women. To do this, she needed to find the best in the business. With the help of a Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. Roxann Clarke, and acclaimed shoe designer, Sarah Jaramillo. A unique pain-free heel was created. Ally's signature pumps come with a patent-pending internal structure, sizes US 4-12, half sizes, and three different widths.

In the past year, Fast Company named Ally Shoes "the most comfortable heels to wear to work". As a brand, ALLY is re-imagining how fashion supports and empowers women every day, and they're just getting started.

Recently, ALLY launched its first wedding collection which is aimed at giving brides all-day elegance and comfort on their big day. This collection is fast becoming a fan favorite with brides.

Founding Ally shoes has been the most rewarding professional accomplishment in Samantha Dong's life. To build a brand for women by women that addresses an important fashion need gives her team great pride.

- Joseph Rubelli:

Instagram: josephrubelli

Joseph Rubelli is a marketing strategist, brand-building expert, and business coach. After working in a corporate job internationally for several years looking after Sales Training, Business Development and Marketing for several organizations, he decided to transfer his skills and passion for digital branding and marketing into being a service for small and medium-sized businesses and startups providing them with the right strategy and tools to help them upscale their awareness and revenue.

He helps coaches, content creators, and entrepreneurs to leverage their brand and business on social media and help them turn their followers into clients. His vision is to build a community of professionals where everyone could connect, grow, and upscale together.

He recently started his YouTube Channel where he talks about social media marketing and personal branding. In May, he'll be launching a new service where people will be able to have mentorship sessions with him and upscale their brand and businesses. Joseph recently launched a new service called business reboot where he helps entrepreneurs to fall in love with their business again. Basically, Business Reboot provides your business with the energy, fresh perspective and expert knowledge across the core areas of business that you need to reignite your passion and give your enterprise a boost - an injection of new life.

With this, you can go forward with a clear strategy on five key areas; your brand, sales, marketing, finance, time management and clarity on your goals.

- Jeff J. Cunningham

Instagram: Jefftheentrepreneur

Everyone around Jeff J. Cunningham Makes More Money. He noticed this after getting coached for $7k, surrounding himself with multi-millionaires like Grant Cardone or JC Tonnotti and taking principles from them.

When CoronaVirus hit, Jeff went all-in on a Money Coaching business, to help people find their skill, passion, and their why and to also help them make money through any way they can solve problems. Jeff is also a real estate investor and invested in a software called Bread Earners.

Some time ago, After his older brother passed, Jeff set a reason to build his and his brother's dream one day. A coffee shop music studio. It helps to have that as I have bought cash flowing real estate, invested in software, and just recently went all in a coaching business and launched a webinar to help others make more money - and made over 6 figures - because of those who saw the value of the Bootcamp.

Currently, Jeff is working with his business partner, Mr. A.C on Bread Earners - a software where people can make money from home. He is also aiming to build a lead gen software named postsflo.

Apart from this, he's releasing his book which is largely based on his mission statement, Inspire Others Always

and is teaching a 4 week Bootcamp called 100 Crew Boot Camp - providing value and giving individuals action plans.

You can catch Jeff live on Instagram or on his Youtube Channel.

- Rio Osorio

Instagram: rio.osorio

Rio Osorio is an innovative individual, speaker, entrepreneur, and influencer who's worked with some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship.

Born and raised in a small copper mining town in Eastern Arizona, Rio has always been a hustler. At a very young age, Rio started his entrepreneurship journey. He began by selling basketball and baseball cards to other kids in his school, amongst other things.

Although Rio wanted to pursue his entrepreneurial journey after high school, it was rerouted by him becoming a father at 18. This landed him in the copper mines, where he worked for several years.

Fast-forwarding a few years later, he finally got the chance to pursue his entrepreneurship dreams. Rio knew that to be successful, he needed to get around successful people. From that, Rio started to focus on strategic partnerships and knew that's what it would take to get him to the next level. From this conclusion, Rio went on to co-found Dryve Media. Dryve Media is a marketing agency that's worked with influencers and high-level entrepreneurs. Dryve Media has helped many businesses and brands alike deliver massive results online.

Some time ago, Rio formed a strategic partnership with serial entrepreneur John Malott, basically, a mentorship program, where mentees learn from high-level, superstar entrepreneurs on live training every week. They're bringing in entrepreneurs like Dave Meltzer, Cody Grandaham, and Dan Fleyshman. Through this program, they're training on mindset, leadership, sales, funding and how to scale a business fast.

Currently, Rio's main focus for scaling his businesses is through strategic partnerships and acquisitions of other companies with a similar audience.

- Shanice Ramirez

Instagram: shye.lee

Shanice Ramirez, popularly known as Shye.Lee on social media is a Florida-born Entrepreneur who's leaving her mark in the digital marketing industry.

As a teenager, Shanice was an exemplary student in school, so much so, that she began college at the age of 16. Back then, even though school was never a struggle for her, she still knew she wanted to start her own business one day.

All Shanice knew was that she really enjoyed learning new things, being organized and completing tasks. Shanice bounced back and forth, dropping out of college 3 times after trying out different types of degrees. Eventually, she decided to focus and pursue her dream of being her own boss, full force. She used the money she would have otherwise spent on college fees on courses and mentorship programs.

Together with her business partner, Aisha Mohamed, Shanice has created elitetiermarketing, a leading marketing agency that scales top-tier brands on social and also started an academy (@elitetieracademy) that empowers everyday individuals by teaching them how to earn money from their homes via digital marketing.

- Rom Raviv

Instagram: RomRaviv

Rom Raviv is an entrepreneur and host of the Spreading Success Podcast - a podcast that shows the day to day life of the top entrepreneurs and social media influencers such as successful businessman David Meltzer. Rom's Podcast was also rated amongst the Top 100 business podcasts.

Apart from this, Rom co-founded an agency, Podblade at just 19-years-old. Podblade is an all-in-one podcast editing agency made for podcasters by podcasters. It offers a $20 package that covers a whole podcast episode with video and a social media audiogram included with every order.

Currently, Rom is working on building a community and personal brand on the social media network TikTok. He's already amassed over 400,000 followers.

- Reggie Brown Jr

Instagram: mrIn10sity

Reggie Brown Jr, widely known as MrIn10sity, is the founder of IN10SITY Fitness United, a health and fitness brand that helps its clients achieve their body goals while transforming their lives at the same time.

Reggie has traversed different industries in the past such as construction, automotive engineering, and sales. But today, he is dominating the wellness/ supplement industry. How?

All of IN10SITY fitness united products are unique in their own way but what sets them apart from the competition is that they go directly to the source of the products, wherever they are in the world.

Apart from a thriving e-commerce store, Reggie also owns a Youtube channel of 50k subscribers! Here he educates his viewers on topics regarding health, fitness and overall well being. Become a subscriber and watch your health soar.

- Kilian Lee

Instagram: thewallstreethustle

Kilian Lee is the founder of WSKL INVESTMENTS LLC, a firm which makes equitable interest into different assets, and helps its partners increase their business revenue via investments in other successful ventures.

Apart from this, Kilian maintains several mentorship programs that teach individuals everything he's learned about life, mindset, and motivation. Kilian is involved in the Forex exchange market, Branding and Marketing, Sales and E-commerce business development.

Kilian has had a lot of struggles building his empire, but today, he's achieved more than he dreamed. He takes pride in his achievements and also enjoys helping others achieve similar success and learn similar knowledge.

He now runs a mentorship program aimed at growing the financial accounts of its participants with a minimum investment budget of $500 plus fees associated with retaining services.

Kilian has successfully grown two accounts. Within 72 trading days, client A was able to grow 135% of his $500 starting budget while client B achieved similar results of his $1000 in a shorter time.

His mentorship program is live and is open to everyone. His program comprises weekly zoom calls (that are accessible to anyone who wants to take their finances to the next level) and valuable discussions that help its participants grow not only financially, but in all aspects of life.

- Josh Chretien

Instagram: josh_chretien

Marine Corps Veteran Josh Chretien is the founder of Priceless Consulting LLC (an innovative tech firm that helps businesses grow via responsive web design and smart digital marketing strategies).

Josh is also the chief marketing officer at Veriily; a complete employment search solution for the on-the-go job seeker. Ever since he was little, Josh has always had an interest in entrepreneurship. This trait blossomed early on in his life as he created his first business at the age of 14. Over the years, Josh has helped countless entrepreneurs and professionals scale their brands through creative marketing campaigns and modern mobile-friendly websites.

Now he is seeking to disrupt the employment sector alongside a team of fellow Veterans via a new app, called Veriily - set to launch in a few weeks.

-Josh Lewis

Instagram: Joshlewisgrowth

Josh Lewis is a management consultant and motivational teacher who is passionate about helping others thrive in their life and in their business through coaching and developing online courses.

In his beginning years of entering management, Josh was given a General Manager position due to his diligence and unique ways of growing and leading people. That promotion to General Manager was not as exciting as was originally anticipated, as he was promoted to lead a store that was ranked 946 out of 946.

Through challenging times, trial and error, but most importantly persistence and relentless pursuit towards success, within two years the store was ranked in the top 20% of the company. This was done with the passion to grow as many people as possible through their positions so they could become leaders themselves throughout the organization as well.

Everything Josh learned from taking a business ranked the lowest to it being rated as one of the best was put into an online course called ‘Mastering Management'. This course contains everything that helped Josh and his team members be the best leaders they possibly could be.


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Contact Person: Samuel Sope
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