Andrew Plesich's Commitment to His Land and Its People
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Andrew Plesich's Commitment to His Land and Its People

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 9:00 AM
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STEUBENVILLE, OH / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2020 / Having grown up and built a life in Jefferson County, Ohio, living where you love and loving where you live are one and the same for local landman Andrew Plesich. Over the years he has supported and celebrated his hometown for qualities such as the opportunity to find meaningful work, social openness, community involvement, and a culture of service. Although he has watched his family build lives and find success in big cities, Jefferson County has always offered everything he needed.

Jefferson County is a small region with a big heart, maintaining its small town spirit in the midst of new opportunities due to oil and gas production and tougher economic circumstances caused by shifts in other industries. Many residents have left the Ohio Valley and sought job opportunities in bigger cities and even other states. Plesich's own siblings are a part of this pattern. Big families are bound to disperse, especially for work and lifestyle changes, but in Plesich's eyes, Jefferson County has plenty to miss.

"I come from a large, tight-knit family, but all of my siblings have moved out of Jefferson County," Plesich said. "My mother still lives here, as do I, and we have a very close relationship. It's common for kids to leave home when they grow up, but my passion for my home has grown alongside the changes I've seen here."

That large family includes four sisters and one brother, who currently reside in California, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, and Arizona -- moves they made to pursue career opportunities and experiences. Plesich, on the other hand, chose to stay in Jefferson County, believing in the potential for success and fulfillment right in his hometown. He discovered a unique opportunity to help his community particularly through his occupation.

As a landman, Plesich facilitates and manages the relationship between landowners and oil and gas companies, a profession that has fostered familiarity and kinship with the Jefferson County community.

"I was able to find rewarding work here," said the landman. "Meaningful job possibilities exist here and can be a reality for many."

Along with the ability to find meaningful work, Jefferson County's family-friendly nature, removed from the chaos and complexities of a big city, particularly stands out to family-oriented Plesich. It's one of the reasons he chose to stay.

"Jefferson County is a wonderful place to raise a family," he remarked. "There's a fulfilling small town simplicity, which you won't find in big cities. Making connections is natural. Family is a concept that extends to neighbors, coworkers, and business owners."

That simplicity is inherent in the rural landscape, strong community bonds, and familiarity of local businesses. But advancement and opportunity exist as well, notably the healthcare investment in Steubenville. For the past few years, an investment from Sylvania Franciscan Health and Catholic Health Initiatives has funded expansion and renovation projects for Trinity Health Center. These projects aim to improve patient care, enhance comfort and privacy, and create a better experience for visitors. Through this investment into the needs of an evolving healthcare environment, Plesich sees increased potential for growth.

"The investment in improving healthcare reflects a desire to serve and meet the needs of the community," he said. "The industry is making these efforts because they believe the people of the Ohio Valley deserve the very best."

Excellent options for higher education are also a hallmark of Jefferson County. Plesich earned his MBA at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a private Catholic university with a culture of intellectual, professional, and spiritual fulfillment. It remains one of the most respected Catholic universities in the United States. Eastern Gateway Community College, where Plesich taught business, is also a great school that is seeing growth and planning for the future -- particularly due to an investment in its facilities in Steubenville. Funding for the new Student Success Center will go towards repurposing the computer center to include admissions, financial aid and advising services, as well as a new Barnes and Noble college bookstore.

"Eastern Gateway and the community are very much intertwined," noted Plesich. "Besides improving student resources and enhancing workforce training, this renovation represents the ability to adapt to evolving needs."

Growing up and building a life in Jefferson County allowed Plesich to appreciate his home and witness the evolution of the community, equipping him with the knowledge to address its needs. He still has hope for the future of the community -- and the same reasons why he remains hopeful are the same reasons why he stayed.

"I'm proud to call Jefferson County my home," the landman said. "I hope others recognize everything it has to offer and take pride in it, too."

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