Decentralized Data Network Bluzelle Prefaces Mainnet Launch With Final Incentivized Stress Test
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Decentralized Data Network Bluzelle Prefaces Mainnet Launch With Final Incentivized Stress Test

Thursday, April 9, 2020 6:30 AM
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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2020 / Decentralized data network Bluzelle is happy to announce the launch of its network's final public stress test. Named ‘Swarm of Duty', the program is launched with $30,000 of incentivized rewards up for grabs for developers, token holders and validators. It will serve as the last step before Bluzelle's mainnet launches.

By combining decentralized tech with edge computing, Bluzelle enables dApps on any blockchain to securely store and access their data in a truly distributed fashion. This mitigates one of the biggest problems with the dApp ecosystem at present: the reliance on centralized infrastructure that presents a single point of failure. Transitioning to decentralized storage enables dApps to provision censorship-resistant content while making them more resilient to attack.

Swarm of Duty gives developers an early opportunity to create apps on BluzelleNet, to familiarize themselves with the ecosystem's token economics, and to tackle various special dev-focused projects with prizes. Validators are also invited to participate in the stress test program, which is designed to educate users about staking on the network through gamification. Validators are encouraged to apply to join the Bluzelle early validator network, where only 13 will be rewarded with staking prizes.

Token-holders will also be rewarded for delegating validators and earning staking rewards from their delegates, while being tasked with testing the network's capacity.

The total prize pool is ~2.5M BLZ tokens worth $30,000, and the timeframe for participation is April 9 - May 14.

"Our Swarm of Duty event is a great showcase for the network, and we're excited to see the community's contributions," said Pavel Bains, co-founder and CEO of Bluzelle. "Incentivizing participation in this fashion allows us to reward innovation while building a more robust network. As Web 3.0 evolves, Bluzelle will be right alongside it, helping to realize the vision of a fully decentralized data network."

The gateway to the Bluzelle network is the ERC20 BLZ token, which is already available on leading exchanges Binance and Huobi and will be fully redeemable for database services.

Bluzelle has recently become the first database to update its consensus engine and use the Cosmos and Tendermint technology stack, ensuring that all nodes remain in sync and deterring malicious behavior.

About Bluzelle

Powered by a byzantine fault-tolerant cluster of blockchains customized specifically for database operations, Bluzelle is a decentralized database for Web3. Its advanced data delivery network promises to protect businesses from data breaches, network failures and performance troubles. Bluzelle effectively serves as an "Airbnb of databases," with developers paying for storage space and read/write to the decentralized database.

Secure, tamper-proof and highly scalable, Bluzelle completed a public sale in January 2018, raising $19.5m. While data storage is the foundation, the platform is in the process of developing data feeds and oracles for the next phase of its evolution to help bring about a faster and more secure internet.

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