Pollen Systems' Precisionview(TM) Platform Completes the Integration of Terravion as the Best Source of Image Data to Build Upon
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Pollen Systems' Precisionview(TM) Platform Completes the Integration of Terravion as the Best Source of Image Data to Build Upon

Thursday, April 2, 2020 8:00 AM
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With its frequent data deliveries and high-resolution combined with an affordable price, TerrAvion subscription aerial imagery delivers more value for users to Pollen Systems' PrecisionView™

SAN LEANDRO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2020 / TerrAvion is excited to announce that Pollen Systems is integrating TerrAvion aerial imagery as part of its PrecisionView™ platform, delivering the added-value of continuous current image data for farms and vineyards during the growing season across multiple data layers. Pollen Systems, a TerrAvion distributor and integrator, offers PrecisionView™ Manager, PrecisionViewMobile, and IoT device integration for 360-degree data analytics of customer farms.

PrecisionView™ Manager projects crop yield, vigor, and variability providing real-time actionable alerts by utilizing TerrAvion' high-resolution aerial imagery subscription delivered overnight. It subsequently combines TerrAvion imagery with other data sources such as moisture sensors and irrigation systems.

"The fully integrated system that Pollen Systems offers its customers delivers value to growers by helping them analyze and convert all the data collected from TerrAvion and other data sources into actionable insights," says Raùl Peña, Regional Vice President, Western Region at TerrAvion. "Getting this timely information through the PrecisionView™ platform allows growers to focus their attention on issues that require their immediate attention."

"TerrAvion subscription aerial imagery offers frequency, reliability, and resolution for our platform to provide the timely alerts and needed insights during the growing season for all of our customers," according to Keith McCall, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pollen Systems. "We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers a fully integrated system supported by TerrAvion's precision aerial imagery data collection."

Pollen Systems PrecisionView™ Manager is a highly customizable platform that fits the needs and demands of each customer to help them overcome their unique challenges and addresses issues such as:

  • Crop Yield Estimation
  • Poor or inconsistent irrigation
  • Block Variability
  • Water Management
  • Pests & Disease Identification and Mitigation
  • Ground Scouting including Imagery and Notes

Current TerrAvion customers can easily add PrecisionView™ Manager with PrecisionView™ Mobile and IoT device integration to their subscription to take advantage of the alerts and other insights provided during the current growing season.

About TerrAvion: TerrAvion helps farms take a high-­tech approach to improve yield and revenue, with the largest cloud­-based aerial imaging and data analytics service for agriculture. TerrAvion provides growers from small family farms to the largest agribusinesses with current images and data that accurately detail the conditions of every acre, helping identify problems early before they impact yield. Founded in 2013, TerrAvion's investors include Merus Capital, Initialized Capital, 10x Group and Y Combinator. For more information, visit www.terravion.com or follow @TerrAvion.

About Pollen Systems: Pollen Systems aggregates agricultural data from multiple data sources and applies advanced analytics to device solutions for farms to enable their crops to flourish and grow. Augmented by sophisticated drone, fixed-wing aircraft, and satellite imagery, integrated with IoT devices, we quickly and accurately scan plots of land with multispectral crop scouting techniques and provide actionable insights to inform and instruct farmers. Pollen Systems improves crop vigor, quality, and yield while reducing labor costs, irrigation, and pests and disease.

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