Mind Capital Crypto-fiat arbitrage, a refuge for the markets in the current crisis
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Mind Capital Crypto-fiat arbitrage, a refuge for the markets in the current crisis

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 2:45 PM
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MADRID, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2020 / Since the coronavirus alert was triggered in China in late 2019, the markets have suffered an unprecedented global downturn, a downturn that does not, however, affect trading results in crypto-fiat arbitrage, according to mind.capital

This situation that is being experienced has the fear as a protagonist in various aspects of society. The measures that have had to be taken in order to put an end to it have generated a situation of historical crisis.

Businesses and companies, both global and local, have been affected and the brake on the economy at all levels is more than evident, even more with the uncertainty and fear that generates some unknown end and consequences.

All markets have suffered historic losses and virtually no market has been spared. The real estate market, the international stock markets, gold, even Bitcoin itself, which has long been defined by lovers of the crypto world as a refuge value, has suffered one of its biggest falls, up to 20% in a single day, not to mention other cryptoactives such as Ether which has even lost 30%, according to mind.capital.

The reason for these falls has undoubtedly been the fear that has driven crypto users to sell looking for more liquidity at a time of great current uncertainty and lack of information about when and how the recovery from normality will begin.

Paradoxically, in a situation of debacle in most markets, products based on the crypto market, especially crypto-fiat arbitrage, such as mind.capital, not only resist but have not been affected, since positive results in arbitrage operations are possible thanks to two factors, the decentralization of the market itself and the fluctuations in value of both crypto and fiat currency.

Decentralization is part of the very nature of this market and the fluctuations in value are not affected by the crisis since, although crypto-actives have been less quoted, volatility only favours arbitrage strategies.


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