Forefront | BBO Token empowers the digital economy and builds a digital ecosystem
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Forefront | BBO Token empowers the digital economy and builds a digital ecosystem

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 2:45 AM
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Company Update

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2020 / In recent years, the use and development of blockchain technology has set off a worldwide boom, and the development of digital asset trading systems that use blockchain as the underlying technology has mushroomed. The development of the digital economy is led by innovation. We must be the front runners of the digital economy.

BBOUSN (BBO) Southeast Asia Operation Center is a formal group company operating internationally. It can query the company's legal certificate and registered operation information through the formal platform. BBO has a strong strength background, adhering to the basic concept of open cooperation and common development of the international market operation team.


BBOUSN is committed to creating a decentralized super blockchain ecosystem BBONUS.APP, a distributed module architecture design concept that can realize the integration of most mainstream blockchain platforms, consumer credit platforms, e-commerce platforms, and financial platforms. Achieve consensus, sharing, and win-win between platforms!

In November 2019, BBO and BBI International Group reached a comprehensive market operation strategic agreement. BBI Group will give BBO strong market support in market development and team promotion.BBO will give positive feedback to the BBI Group in terms of capital operation and integration of international resources. Relying on the strong cohesion of millions of fans of the BBI Group, while BBO issues BBO tokens, 2020 will launch dozens of blockchain games. While enjoying leisure time, they can also enjoy a thrilling way to make money! In order to celebrate the launch of BBO token, BBO will launch the BBO red envelope game in April 2020, with a lot of benefits and surprises ...

Through the befun under BBO, the new business model combining physical, virtual, online and offline is created to create a new business body of value-added consumption and blockchain payment. In the future, BBO will cooperate with more excellent teams through Dapp. In the BBO ecological chain, we will strive for a win-win cooperation goal.

A few days ago, Xiao Bian had the honor to meet the soul figures in the European blockchain investment field. The distributed capital he founded is the world's professional investment fund in the field of blockchain. Known as the "warrior of cryptocurrency" in the currency circle. Mr. Michael Baxter is the core figure of the White Wolf team and currently leads the team to successfully develop three decentralized system projects based on blockchain technology. 2016-2018 created a wealth myth for a blockchain project with a billion dollar revenue.

The ecological financial model created by BBO connects with overseas listings, STO issuance, wealth management funds, exchanges, financial law consulting, blockchain games, stocks, securities, foreign exchange, industrial equity, asset management, investment and financing, credit, and pledge Products and services. As long as enterprises use these products or services on this platform to attract users and investors, the platform will obtain certain dividends according to the profitability of the project, which is another source of profit for BBO. At the same time, as long as users use investment and financing, asset management and other behaviors on the BBO platform, the user's activity will also add value to the BBO. Full-scenario digital currency application ecology: to create eight major sections of digital currency secure storage, transaction payment, exchange, financial management, social networking, new media, entertainment games, and life services. To assist the transformation of physical enterprises, by aggregating global high-quality blockchain projects, creating a multi-defense system, building a world-leading trading ecosystem, and providing millions of users worldwide with secure and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services.

BBONUS reached strategic cooperation with many well-known companies in the industry, and reached deeper strategic cooperation during the planning period, bringing new ideas and imagination for subsequent development. As an innovative enterprise with a deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy, BBONUS will continue to leverage the platform's aggregation capabilities and comprehensive advantages to build a new situation in blockchain ecological cooperation.

With the strong support of decentralized technology, the BBO exchange team not only attaches importance to providing customers with better services, but also focuses on building the entire blockchain digital currency ecosystem. The entire ecosystem includes major digital currency exchanges, market makers, end users, currency exchange, token payments, and cross-chain payment ports. Provide secure and trusted services to relevant agencies and users in the industry. At the same time, supporting multiple countries and multiple funding channels conforms to the development cycle of the blockchain industry, and will definitely harvest more traffic in a faster way in the future and rank among the top exchanges.

BBONUS reaches comprehensive strategic cooperation with top blockchain investment team

BBONUS and the White Wolf team reached a 5-year strategic cooperation agreement. In 2020, the "White Wolf Team" invested 50 million US dollars to cooperate with BBONUS. First, it was used to promote the blockchain wealth management fund and launched the BBONUS blockchain asset management project wealth management wallet. The annualized rate of current account wealth management is 9.9%, the annualized rate of 30 days is 12.1%, and the annualized rate of 90 days is 16.2%.

The future world is bound to be the era of the Internet. Nowadays, the Internet has changed people's lives in various aspects. BBO is built on the foundation of the Internet, and follows the horn of the block chain. A brand new economic service system contributes to the promotion of economic development and innovation, and to build a better and more convenient economic and new life for the people in the future. Providing comprehensive services for the front-end customer market, technological development, advancing with the times, and exploring new markets in the field of blockchain finance are just around the corner.

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