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Weight-Loss Tips for Beginners Recommended by Dustin Mark McNeer

Monday, 23 March 2020 15:30

Personal trainer and dietician, Dustin Mark McNeer, offers tips for starting a successful fitness journey

CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2020 / Once you've decided to live a healthier lifestyle, it's time to put your plan into action. Losing weight is a rewarding process that takes time, persistence, and patience. Since everyone is unique, results vary per person, which means it's important to never compare your journey to someone else's. Dustin Mark McNeer, a personal trainer and registered dietician, shares weight-loss tips for beginners.

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1 - Commit

It's common for beginners to quickly feel discouraged on their fitness journey after only a few weeks or months. However, Dustin McNeer explains that the most crucial step to reaching your goals is to stay committed to your plan. Results don't happen overnight, and sometimes, it isn't very easy to see progress when you are looking in the mirror every day.

Document progress by taking photos every week. Dustin Mark McNeer explains that through photographs, you will be able to see physical changes over time more clearly. Don't worry too much about what the scale says. Instead, focus on how you look and feel to stay in a positive mindset.

2 - Sacrifice

Losing weight is not easy. If it were, everyone would be fit and healthy! Dustin McNeer notes that by changing your lifestyle, you will be required to make sacrifices. Understanding this before you start will help you stay focused on the end goal. Fast food and processed foods should be eliminated from your diet. However, there are plenty of healthy and delicious recipes available online for free that you can try making at home! Dustin McNeer recommends starting with simple and quick recipes before advancing to more challenging meals over time.

3 - Support

Your fitness journey does not have to be taken alone! Dustin Mark McNeer suggests bringing your family and friends along for the ride. In many cases, they will be inspired by your motivation and join you at the gym! Even if they don't start their own fitness journey, it's essential to have others help you stay accountable and provide encouragement along the way.

If you can't find the support you're looking for, Dustin McNeer suggests joining an online weight-loss support group. Beginners can also join a local gym, meet new people in fitness classes, and look for community clubs. Dustin Mark McNeer notes that another great option for support is finding a personal trainer that can help you plan your workouts and keep you accountable at the gym.

4 - Don't Give Up

No matter how many times you've started and stopped your fitness journey, remind yourself that it is okay to start again. Dustin Mark McNeer notes that there are always surprises and changes in life that come up and shift our course of action. However, that does not mean we should give up on our dreams and goals. Stay patient and learn along the way. Dustin McNeer explains that no weight-loss journey is perfect. The best thing you can do in the event of a setback is to learn from it and continue working hard.


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