Author C. Victorya Grace’s new Teen and Young Adult novel has been released

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Author C. Victorya Grace’s new Teen and Young Adult novel has been released

Monday, March 23, 2020 12:50 AM

Author C. Victorya Grace's new Teen and Young Adult novel has been released. The novel details the evolving relationship between the author and her husband, an undocumented immigrant

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2020 / Author C. Victorya Grace has released a new novel, Don't Give Up on Me, based on her personal experiences as the wife of an undocumented immigrant and a survivor of chronic heart disease. She believes that her talent as a writer was given to her by God to uplift others who are struggling with their own challenges. C. Victorya Grace hopes that readers will identify with her characters and learn to show compassion to those facing adversity.

Readers' Favorite describes Don't Give Up on Me as "a beautiful story that will strike chords in readers and wake them up emotionally" while Dabb Media has recognized the author as one of the Best New Authors in 2020.

Don't Give Up on Me delves into issues of family, love, and inner strength as it follows the evolving relationship of Grace and Miguel. Grace, a girl with a painful history, falls in love with Miguel, an undocumented immigrant who travels to the United States to support his mother and seven siblings after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of his father. Despite the difficulties they face, Grace believes that Miguel's presence in her life is nothing short of a miracle. But after living for each other for so long, they are forced to confront the possibility of spending life alone.

This masterpiece will resonate with readers who enjoy novels based on true events. Although Don't Give Up on Me explores some darker elements of life, it is ultimately a tale of hope and love. C. Victorya Grace was inspired to write this novel after supporting her husband through the immigration process and standing beside him as he fought to make a better life for his family.

C. Victorya Grace strives to change the world by encouraging others and helping them navigate the complexities of their day-to-day lives. Her novel is a testament to the power of perseverance and never losing sight of your dreams. She hopes that readers of Don't Give Up on Me will internalize her unique message and find the strength to continue on their respective journeys to success, happiness, and fulfilment.

With a perfect rating on Amazon, reviews from readers clearly show how much they enjoyed the book and have been left wanting to know more about the author and her family. C. Victorya Grace can be found online at

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