For COVID-19 and Any Other Crisis, Wellnite Provides Mental Health Telehealth
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For COVID-19 and Any Other Crisis, Wellnite Provides Mental Health Telehealth

Thursday, March 19, 2020 5:35 PM
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Chat sessions, real-time M.D. and therapist options available for coping with anxiety, depression, stress and isolation; four free chat sessions available during the pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2020 / Wellnite, an online service offering same-day physician consultation and counseling with licensed professionals, is on a mission to make mental healthcare more accessible to people anytime, anywhere. Now during the COVID-19 crisis, people are feeling extreme stress, anxiety, uncertainty and overall lack of control. Wellnite is a valuable resource to people who might be struggling with anxiety or other mental health needs during this time.

During this period, Wellnite is offering four free 30-minute mental health coaching sessions via chat.

"The coronavirus news is scary and none of us really knows what to expect. Scientists are working to find answers and countries are trying to figure out how to deal with it. In the meantime, we should all be doing everything we can to stop the spread, which for many of us means staying home," said Paulo Gonzalez, Co-founder and President, Wellnite.

Elisa Swan, Co-founder and CEO, Wellnite, said, "Life as we know it has completely changed for the moment. We are seeing new people come to our platform who are suffering anxiety who have never had such feelings before. This world experience is producing dramatic shifts and people are suffering emotions that are completely unfamiliar. Our professionals can help people cope and develop an action plan for feeling better."

Wellnite is helping to increase the space for people to access affordable mental health care. Through HIPAA-compliant technology, Wellnite allows patients to schedule appointments, connect with mental health professionals via secure video conferencing and if needed, to use a prescription mail-order service.

How Wellnite works:

  • Patients fill out a mental health self-evaluation form and are connected with a board-certified physician if they choose, who then performs a mental health assessment
  • Mental health counseling video sessions are conducted with a licensed therapist.
  • Mental health coaches can also provide weekly chat-based sessions to provide additional support.
  • Flexible and affordable member plans are available (no insurance needed).
  • Patients also have access to a confidential customer support line available seven days a week via text.
  • Wellnite accepts insurance but it is not required to join/use the platform

Wellnite patients appreciate the convenience, privacy and simplicity of the service. One patient shared, "I have never used a therapist because of my schedule and the hassle. Since using Wellnite, I'm on the road to feeling better. They respond quickly, make sure I'm taken care of and I look forward to using Wellnite to talk through my worries and concerns. It has been life-changing and I can do it all on my terms."

Telemedicine mental health can allow a person to feel safe communicating about deeply private and personal struggles that have been ongoing for years, or they may have a new mental health issue that was recently triggered by an event like COVID-19. "I have enjoyed listening to people for 16 years and helping them in ways that they feel comfortable in order for them to be successful in their mental health and overall life journey," said Dr. Amy Halanski of Wellnite Medical Team.

With the constant updates on the coronavirus, it's hard not to get overly emotional and stressed. Getting enough rest, going outside for fresh air, calling a loved one, and staying active are all great ways to stay healthy, but when that doesn't feel like enough or you want a little extra help, Wellnite is an excellent option.

To redeem the free Wellnite sessions, use the code ‘COMPASSION' through this link.

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