Al Robot Retail Car appears in Singapore
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Al Robot Retail Car appears in Singapore

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 6:15 AM
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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2020 / As the new coronavirus rages around the world, it has killed more than 7,000 people worldwide so far. In addition to restricting social gathering and closing various gathering places for people, the unmanned distribution and retailing has also become the key to fighting the epidemic. At present, GT Group has launched the GT AI Smart Mobile Vending Robot Vehicle, which can provide services such as distribution of medicines, medical equipment and meals to the quarantine area, which can effectively prevent further infection.

GT Technology, a Smart AI Mobile Robotic Vending Vehicle launched by Singapore technology company, debuted in Singapore.

Intelligent Robotic Vehicles carry a variety of intelligent retail facilities and automatically cruise around designated venues. Consumers scan the code or their faces in front of the car to buy goods. Soon these new retail facilities with autonomous driving capabilities may appear in the communities where you work and live.

GT Robot released two unmanned retail distribution robotic vehicles - GT AI Mobile Vending Store and GT AI Mobile Vending Store - Mini. The car is equipped with a face scanning capability for item collection, retail shelves, and so on. From the scene, both intelligent vending robots can intelligently evade among crowded people and move freely. According to the relevant person in charge of GT Robot, GT AI Smart Mobile Vending Robots has gone through many iterations. At present, the technology is mature and stable, which has created technical conditions for mass production businesses.

According to reports, the body of the GT's new generation robotic unmanned car adopts a separable and modular design, which can collect the position of extremely fast objects through the 3D optical motion capture system accordingly based on different business locations, with high measurement accuracy. Whether indoor or outdoor, it can provide accurate and reliable real-time 6DOF positioning data. By carrying different cargo boxes, it can be a face-scanning collection cabinet or a mobile retail car. As technology continues to accumulate, these field-tested unmanned vehicles will gradually enter communities and commercial areas to automatically cruise based on big data predictions, providing more convenient and intelligent new retail logistics services. This generation of self-driving AI Smart Vending Robot Vehicle is also in line with the new retail tide. Unmanned robotic vehicles with new retail have launched new tread.

GT AI Smart Mobile Vending Vehicle is designed and manufactured by Singapore GT Robot Technology. The car is based on self-driving technology and is powered by the British S platform. It is equipped with multiple 3D cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, GPS, and ranging sensors for calculating each wheel. The company is committed to implementing the "Singapore Smart Country Plan" and the landing of autonomous driving in the field of logistics, and is constantly exploring commercial operation models. GT Robot was the earliest in the industry to engage in the research and development of companion robots, service robots, and autonomous driving, and is committed to solving autonomous driving in logistics scenarios such as terminal distribution. A number of algorithm indicators rank first in the world-renowned data. GT robots have been mass-produced and sold in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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