Bill Chalmers Shows How To Boost Business by Turning Fitness Followers into Active Subscribers
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Bill Chalmers Shows How To Boost Business by Turning Fitness Followers into Active Subscribers

Friday, March 13, 2020 7:30 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2020 / If there's one thing that is constantly running around Bill Chalmers's mind, it would be the combination of fitness and health. Ever since he was young, New Zealand-native Bill has always been inclined to being physically fit and healthy. Now, he has successfully transformed this affinity into a booming business with StrongHer - a fitness app for women that provides workout programs and nutrition guides to help them achieve personal fitness goals as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

StrongHer was created for women to have a more personal feel towards working out for their desired bodies through a holistic approach to fitness. It is designed to be as user-friendly as possible to help guide beginners navigate the app with no problem. Users have access to comprehensively detailed exercise videos and are able to do the workout "alongside" a trainer.

With already more than 250,000 downloads within a period of 12 months, StrongHer continues to lead the subscription-based fitness scene.

How did Bill manage to produce such growth? The key lies in Bill's expertise on women's health and the fitness market mixed with his extensive experience in online marketing using social media platforms.

First, he helped increase the number of followers of his wife's Instagram channel from 0 to over 500,000 through paid traffic. Then, he converted a number of those followers into paying subscribers which is now continually growing thanks to his marketing skills.

Even before StrongHer, Bill is no stranger to the business field. He has had numerous successful businesses because he always puts his heart into everything he does. As a result, he has been successfully generating leads and attracting clients to his entrepreneurial ventures.

Bill iterates that the unique attribute of his company is that unlike several competitors, he aims to create high-quality products, stressing that doing such is crucial in retaining a high number of subscribers.

What makes StrongHer on top of the game is how they use verified fitness influencers as direct channels to reach their target audience. The app allows the users to interact with real-life personal trainers and fitness experts, while also giving them the recommended option to follow these experts through their social media accounts.

Apart from this, the app is also equipped with nutrition and hydration tracker which enables the users to follow a realistic diet, reaching their goals faster without depriving themselves of the foods they love.

StrongHer isn't short when it comes to updating its subscribers with the latest posts and trends regarding various aspects of health and lifestyle for women

Another impressive feat of this entire venture, StrongHer and Bill's business ideology, is that it aims to expand the network of its influencers. Bill plans to welcome selected fitness influencers to the core of operations, eventually letting them build their own app and company in the future.

With everything Bill has put into place, he demonstrates that successful endeavors do not only come as a result of the patronage of users; the product itself must be kept in its best quality, like what his company is doing.

Get to know more the ways on how accomplishments like Bill's are done and reach him out through calling him at 07 444340556 or sending him an email through [email protected].

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Bill Chalmers
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